Getting to know Jennie Kew (FREE Books)

Getting to know Jennie Kew (FREE Books)

Hello lovely readers! I’m Jennie Kew, an award-winning Aussie author who writes contemporary slice-of-life erotic romance novels, and contemporary and paranormal short erotic stories. When not in front of my computer, I can usually be found reading a book, catching up on all the shows on my to-be-watched list on Netflix and Disney+, or building Lego.

I live in regional New South Wales, a stone’s throw from Australia’s capital, Canberra, with my husband, my husband’s magnificent beard, a teenage giant, and our feline overlords, Tallulah, a grumpy Bengal who loves being adored but only on her own terms, and Jack, a boisterous rescue cat who delights in annoying Tallulah and stealing my socks.

Currently, I’m writing Size Doesn’t Matter, book 5 in The Bennett’s Bastards Series, a romance between a plus-size fashion model and a quiet billionaire, and you know what they say about the quiet ones!

The Bennett’s Bastards Series started out as a standalone book called Third Time Lucky, a story about a woman who’d been hurt by her previous partners and had locked herself away from the world and the houseguest she’d agreed to host as a favor to her niece, but the more I wrote the story, the more the secondary characters spoke to me until they’d all demanded their own stories told. So if you like smalltown, BBW, BDSM, friends-to-lovers, grumpy heroines, instalove, workplace, or family saga romance, this ongoing series has something for you!

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Excerpt from His Own Heaven

Sighing quietly, Toby said, “Fine. I’ll endure an evening of torture so you can get laid.”

Charlie flashed him one of his signature grins, the one that made women trip over their panties and fall at his feet. “You never know, little bro. You might get lucky, too. It’s not like you couldn’t use a good fuck. You’ve been twitchy all week.”

Toby snorted. Twitchy. That was an understatement if ever he’d heard one. He’d jerked off so many times in the past week he was amazed his dick hadn’t fallen off. And since the woman he was lusting after was off limits, maybe finding a partner for the night wasn’t such a bad idea. Fuck. At the very least he could use a distraction from the fantasies that had played on an endless loop in his mind’s eye since Monday afternoon.

But then he scanned the group of women milling about at the rear of the pub and nixed the idea immediately. Some of them looked like contenders—tall women with shapely backsides—until he glanced at their fancy footwear and calculated their actual heights. Without their shoes, he guessed most of them would be lucky if they were anything more than five feet and maybe five inches tall. In other words, they were small. And he knew from experience that even if these women found him attractive enough to go home with, he still wasn’t getting laid. Standing at six feet and eight inches in height and weighing in at 110 kilograms, most smaller women were too afraid to even flirt with him, let alone take their clothes off and let him fuck them.

Especially the way Toby liked to fuck.

Charlie reckoned it had more to do with his attitude than his altitude, but Toby had seen the fear in too many women’s eyes not to recognise it now.

The fear he’d tear them in half, break them somehow.

His twin was a different matter. A different man. Standing only two inches shorter, Charlie was still a big bastard, but he had charm on his side. He knew how to talk to women, how to engage them in conversation and put them at ease with his size. He knew how to make women want him. Try as he might Toby just couldn’t do it. He didn’t know how to flatter and cajole and the Dominant in him didn’t want to.

His Dominant side wanted to cut through the bullshit and get on with it, longed to hear the sound of tearing fabric as he ripped a woman’s clothes off. Craved the sight of a soft body bound to his bed and spread open for his pleasure. The cracking of his palm as it connected with a pliant arse, the feel of supple lips wrapped around his hard cock as he thrust deep down a throat. A woman’s screams as her orgasm took hold, and soft panting breaths that tickled his side and chest as he lay beside a lover and held her close after a good, hard fuck. But another quick scan of the dating pool left Toby with no illusions.

He’d be going home alone tonight.

About the Author

Jennie Kew writes contemporary slice-of-life erotic romance novels and contemporary and paranormal short erotic stories. Her books include The Bennett’s Bastards Series, The Brisbane Bachelors Series, and The Q Collection. She lives in regional New South Wales, a stone’s throw from Australia’s capital, Canberra.

Her story inside Cowboys: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology was “Tying the Knot

A city girl, with a submissive streak a mile wide, falls fast for a dominant, dirty-talking cowboy

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