She Shifters

She Shifters

She Shifters

Cleis Press • June 20, 2012
ISBN-10: 157344796X • ISBN-13: 978-1573447966
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Take a walk on the wild side…

Following the success of her ground-breaking GIRLS WHO BITE: LESBIAN VAMPIRE EROTICA, New York Times best-selling author Delilah Devlin and her contributors deliver another stunning collection.

Shapeshifters—beings both human and animal—ignite our imaginations with visions of primal passions and insatiable hungers. Most commonly seen as dark, masculine demons, these sixteen stories investigate shapeshifter myths from around the world, and add fur and claws to a fresh girl-on-girl blending of physical power and inescapable desires.

Embrace your wild child as you journey through worlds of unexpected delights with some of today’s hottest erotic romance authors, including Sacchi Green, Christine d’Abo, Adele Dubois and Myla Jackson. Fly atop the Tower of London in Paisley Smith’s “The Night Crow.” In Anna Meadows’ “Verde,” feel the burn of a hot Mexican summer. Experience the raw lash of a dragon’s tail in “Scorched Retribution,” then linger in the sensual delights of a furry convention in “She’s Furry Yiffy”.

Prepare to be embraced inside the warm, feathered wings of a phoenix, race through a rain forest morphing from tiger to kingfisher, and watch your lover surrender her seal’s pelt to walk hand-in-hand with you along a cold and lonely shore. In She Shifters, love comes running, slithering, flying—in all shapes of desire.

Delilah Devlin’s one-of-a-kind She Shifters unleashes the wild creature inside us all!

Table of Contents

The Night Crow by Paisley Smith
Driven by erotic dreams, a woman travels to the Tower of London where she realizes one of its famous ravens is a long-ago lover

Verde by Anna Meadows
A local peach-grower rescues a wounded, mythical bird-shifter, injured when it is blamed for a drought

Nine Days and Seven Tears by J.L. Merrow
A selkie blown off course inspires an island girl yearning for fulfillment

Sweetwater Pass by Angela Caperton
Westward bound, a shapeshifter on a wagon train discovers a kindred spirit in an Indian maiden

Scorched Retribution by Christine d’Abo
A submissive returns home after ten years to regain the heart of her dragon lover

Thwarting the Spirits by Michael M. Jones
A cobra and a mongoose struggle against a curse that turns lovers into mortal enemies

She’s Furry Yiffy by Adele Dubois
A hot-bodied shapeshifter finds more than a hook-up at an X-rated Fur Con

Totem by Karis Walsh
A Tlingit shaman shifts through her animal spirits to win the heart of her true love

Sneak by Giselle Renarde
A shifter and a whore hatch a plan to satisfy a spell that demands one be a mouse

Purrfect in Venezia by Myla Jackson
A woman returns to the magic of Venice’s Carnival hoping to reunite with her feline lover

The Dragon Descending by Sacchi Green
Only a girl with a fierce pirate spirit could rouse the sleeping dragon of Ha Long bay

All the Colors of the Sun by Victoria Oldham
After meeting a mysterious girl at the beach, a woman risks the flame of a phoenix’s embrace

The Handler by Tahira Iqbal
Can a reclusive wolf allow her beautiful, but tough handler to protect her without falling for her?

Bound with Bronze by Chris Kouju
A guardian spirit clashes wills with an intriguing enemy in the Malayan rainforest

Catnip by Delilah Devlin
A cat-woman doll found at a garage sale reveals a lonely woman’s magical destiny

Belling the Kat by J.L. Merrow
Two bridesmaids conspire to hide one girl’s furry little tail