Sex Objects

Sex Objects


Cleis Press • August 2, 2016
ISBN-13: 9781940550213

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High powered, high ranking…and in high heels.

The term sex object brings to mind a curvaceous starlet on a casting couch or an iconic, bee-stung-lipped beauty being pursued by a powerful, capable man. In Sex Objects, Devlin turns that concept upside down by allowing the woman to objectify a handsome, sensual man, using the concepts of role reversal and power play, but from a female perspective, to create something evocative and fun for the feminine, romance-reader.

A record executive plays hardball with her latest star in “Hush.” In “Taste Test,” a food critic is seduced with a gastronomic feast by a master chef. “Dark Circus” enchants with a story about a circus owner and a young accountant exploring a D/s relationship. A celebutante and her bodyguard get “Slap Happy.” In Devlin’s own “Butled,” a famous writer succumbs to the tender manipulations of her butler. Lush settings and creative cliche-busting will delight readers eager to embrace the passionate and surprising couplings.

These women are masters of their own domain, in charge and proud…capable of using sex for pleasure’s sake…but ultimately succumbing to the pull of desire and love created by the “objects” of their desire…

Table of Contents

Foreword by Kallypso Masters

Taste Test by Michael M. Jones

Rushin’ Red by Megan Mitcham

As Pretty Does by Tenille Brown

The Masseur by Flora Dain

Butled by Delilah Devlin

Red Line by Kathleen Delaney-Adams

Erection by Tim Rudolph

Vivify by Cashmere S. Jackson

Charlotte’s New Toy by Lavender Daye

Just One Night by Emma Jay

Hush by Cathy Gold

Potential by Heather Day

Game Night by Anne Lange

Dark Circus by Roxy Stone

Concerto for Cellist and Maestro by Michael Bracken

Slap Happy by Rachel Kramer Bussel