Getting to Know Ava Cuvay (Contest)

Getting to Know Ava Cuvay (Contest)

UPDATE: The winner is…Alisongail!

What an odd task, coming up with interesting tidbits to share with you, especially as I consider myself painfully entrenched in the oversharing side of TMI (Or maybe I’m not the only one to blurt in the middle of a PTO meeting the fact my gynecologist warms the speculum?).

So what would you blog readers like to know about me? Hard to anticipate, since I feel like an open book (and not a very titillating one at that). How about I just throw out some facts? Like throwing mud at a wall, maybe something will stick?

  • I decided to pursue being a published author while on a 40th birthday trip to Las Vegas. There might have been some was a lot of alcohol involved.
  • Speaking of alcohol, I spent 20 years in the industry and have carried that passion for wine & spirits into my writing.
  • The original Star Wars rocked my young world when I saw it in the movie theatres, and I’ve loved Science Fiction (and Sci-fi Romance) ever since.
  • My first published book, “His Precious Cargo,” is an unconscious ode to Han Solo, the first bad boy I ever fell in love with.
  • His Precious Cargo was originally titled “Love, Latex, and NutriaGlop,” so let’s raise a toast to the long-suffering work of our editors 😉

Because I have a soft spot in my heart for my first published book (what author doesn’t?), I’m going to gift an ebook of it to a random winner. Just comment below with any questions you might have for me to answer. And feel free to stalk follow me (links below)!

Excerpt from His Precious Cargo (see, I like my wine 😉 )

Granger attacked his steak. He was ravenous, and his mouth watered from the first moment the food arrived. Yet he had waited. As much as he needed sustenance, he needed to watch Kaedi enjoy the wine even more. It was a pricey bottle, and he wanted to see if she could appreciate its luxury. Would she enjoy its complexity? Savor it? Or would she guzzle it down, thoughtless to its nuances but the fact that it was wet and would quench her thirst? He grinned as he buttered a torn piece of roll. She had savored the wine. The knowledge thrilled him. As if she had passed a test of sorts. Maybe that’s what this was. He knew she was comfortable among the seedy dregs of society. He wanted to see how she reacted to the finer things.

She was a natural.

About the Author

Ava Cuvay writes out of this world romance featuring sassy heroines, gutsy heroes, passion, and adventure…set in a galaxy far, far away. She lives in central Indiana with her own scruffy-looking nerfherder, teenage kiddos, and two feline fur-babies. She loves writing, wine, and bacon in any combination or quantity.

Her story inside Cowboys: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology was the very sexy and fun “Solar Flare”…

An interplanetary rancher recruits hired guns to help herd her livestock and falls into the arms of their sexy leader

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    1. Debra – great question! For me, research increases the closer I get to earth and actual earth cultures. I spent a hours researching the California geography and Chinese, Viking, & Minnesota cultures for my “What a Dragon Wants” story, whereas I did very research for “His Precious Cargo.”

    1. Hi!! My Thanksgiving plans were pretty lame: heat the pre-made Bib Evans Thanksgiving meal and actually eat at the dining room table for probably the first time this year. lol! Hope your celebration was wonderful!

    1. Alisongail – great question! Since most ideas are merely recycled from somewhere else, mine have likely been inspired from movies (mostly in the Star Wars universe), and evolved once they’ve tumbled around my gray matter a bit 😉

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