IN ONE PICTURE: Michal Scott’s “The $5 Kiss of Life” (CONTEST)

IN ONE PICTURE: Michal Scott’s “The $5 Kiss of Life” (CONTEST)

UPDATE: The winner is…Pansy Petal!

The $5 Kiss of Life by Michal Scott
Trapped by the small-town conventions imposed on her, a pastor’s spinster daughter finds rescue in the town bad boy’s very public kiss

From Michal Scott: $5.00 and this card will get you a 10 second what-you-will kiss of life from Firefighter Rob Williams. “Aw come on. You know you want to.” Beverly Reynolds has been a respectable minister’s daughter, the only avenue afforded a single woman in a conservative black town in the 1940’s. This ticket represents an invitation for Beverly to be who she wants to be or continue to be ruled by the expectations of others.

Excerpt from “The $5 Kiss of Life”…

A lovely red blush flushed across Beverly’s face. Even her dark skin couldn’t hide the glow of embarrassment.

“Hello, Beverly.”

“Hi, Miss Reynolds.”

Rob watched Beverly blanch and then acknowledge each greeting with a nod or a smile. Several other people stood away from the booth but milled around within earshot. The stiffening of her body proved she’d suddenly become aware gazes were on her.

And on her reputation.

Her hand fisted around the card in her pocket. Her face took on a wary, thoughtful expression. Once again, those perfect teeth captured her quivering lower lip. What would those teeth feel like nipping on his anatomy? He huffed out a breath to tamp down the pulsing in his cock.

Rob sucked in a deep breath. Whatever courage had brought her to the booth for a kiss was slipping away, as was his chance to taste this shy, desirable woman.

However much she might think she lacked courage, he knew her well enough to know she wouldn’t back down from a challenge.

“You’re right to hesitate.” Rob stepped back and crossed his arms. “Perhaps a $5 what-you-will kiss of your life wouldn’t be a good place to start.”

Her eyes sparked with indignation. She withdrew the card, laid it down on the booth’s table, then placed a five-dollar bill beside it.

More than a card and a five-dollar bill lay on the table. Her goody-goody reputation lay there, too.

Just $0.99!!
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What’s the sexiest kiss in movie, a TV show, or a book that you’ve ever witnessed?
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6 thoughts on “IN ONE PICTURE: Michal Scott’s “The $5 Kiss of Life” (CONTEST)

  1. Oh my! *fans self* after giving this some thought, I have to say that the kiss Captain Jack Harkness (the main character of the show) lays on well, Captain Jack Harkness (The guy who’s identity he stole.) in Torchwood. I know. Sounds confusing. But we are talking the Doctor Who universe with time travel. But the kiss – it is poignant, sweet, hot, bittersweet, and sexy as all get out! I whooped and fanned myself the first time I saw it. *sigh* I think I need to watch it again.

  2. Congrats on the new anthology release! Looking forward to reading your book.
    I read/listened to many books where the H kisses the h with toe curling passion. The best is in audiobooks where you hear the passion in the narrator’s voice. The latest is in the current audiobook I am listening to, Demon Blessed – The Box Set by Nikki Sex.

  3. Oh boy, sexiest kiss… nothing specific but I have read some hot ones in books!

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