IN ONE PICTURE: Jaap Boekestein’s “Save Me Twice” (CONTEST)

IN ONE PICTURE: Jaap Boekestein’s “Save Me Twice” (CONTEST)

UPDATE: The winner is…Teresa Tichy!

Save Me Twice by Jaap Boekestein
 Playing with handcuffs leads to unexpected and sexy consequences for a timid office worker when she loses the key

Jaap: “When you play with handcuffs, you’ll need a key. But when you play with handcuffs twice, you might need another solution…”

From “Save Me Twice”…

She moved her hand once more. The metal scraped over the desk, held her flesh. It was no nightmare. She really was handcuffed to a desk on a Friday afternoon at the office. It was really, really stupid. But still, she sat on her chair like nothing had happened. What else could she do?

Her co-workers weren’t that calm. They blurted out suggestions. “Maybe if we use soap”, which was daft, and “I’ve seen a movie where they opened handcuffs with a hairpin,” which was just ridiculous. “If we get some bolt-cutters…” “Maybe we should call the fire department or a locksmith.”

The Fire Department, a locksmith? What will they think of me? My God, why did this happen?

“I’ll get Xander,” Chloe said. “I’ll be back in a minute. Don’t go— Oh, don’t worry, Amanda.”

The boss of Neon Dogs Tales took off.

“Who’s Xander?” Amanda whispered to Beth. “Is he the janitor?”

The red-head shook her head. “You know, Xander. The artist in the studio down the hall. He creates those huge edgy metal sculptures with those spikes and rusty lawnmower blades. You must have seen him; he’s pretty hot. And he’s got lots of equipment.”

It took a second before Amanda was sure Beth meant real equipment, not that other kind. With Beth, you were never sure.

Okay, Xander. She couldn’t recall ever meeting him, but apparently, he was their neighbor and might have the tools to free her. Was that better than the fire department or a locksmith? Amanda wasn’t sure. But what could they actually do? Saw through the steel cuffs? She didn’t know much about steel, but these handcuffs looked solid. What if he slipped with some power tool and cut her?

Well, I don’t have much choice. If he can get me out these cuffs, fine by me.

It took less than a minute before Chloe returned with Xander.

He was tall. Six feet and a lot. Thick unruly blond hair, ice-blue eyes and stubbles of a two-day-old beard. A black wifebeater under an old lumberjack shirt, jeans, boots. Part of a huge tattoo was just visible on his chest. He clearly worked out or did heavy manual labor. He was lean, with big shoulders and strong hands.



His gaze found her, and Amanda felt her ears burn.

Oh God, here I am. He must think I’m some dumb office drone who got herself in trouble. Some bimbo who was stupid enough to lock herself to a desk.

Before she could react, he walked over and sat down next to her.

“Hi, I’m Xander. I see you’re chained up by accident. Are you okay, Amanda?”

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14 thoughts on “IN ONE PICTURE: Jaap Boekestein’s “Save Me Twice” (CONTEST)

  1. Congrats on the new release! Looking forward to reading your story, sounds yum.
    I never played with handcuffs, never had a chance, and not sure I would allow it either, too much of a control freak here LOL but I always say I try anything once 😉

  2. Yes I have. I have done the handcuffing and have been handcuffed it adds A bit of fun to the relationship but only with the one you love and trust.

  3. Not yet 🙂 Looking forward to this story, Jaap! I’m working my way through the anthology!

  4. I have not but my daughter got a hold of a set and we could not get them off.

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