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Blackout by January George
When a summer heatwave blackout strands a fireman in an elevator with the girl who got away, the temperature isn’t the only thing rising…

Excerpt from “Blackout”…

“Oh, I’m sorry it’s so unbearable to be stuck in this elevator with me.” Liam rolled his eyes, the implication painfully clear.

“You know what? It is unbearable.” But not for the reasons he thought. The situation was untenable because she still wanted him, and she couldn’t reconcile wanting someone who had done what he had. She grabbed the umbrella, the one she’d taken from the stand on her way out when she’d seen the dark clouds outside. She’d been dumb enough to hook it inside her arm with all the bags on top, and when it had actually started raining, it had been too much trouble to try to untangle it, so she’d run. If she’d bothered to stop to use it, Liam Rygaard would’ve been stuck in this elevator alone, and she’d have been huffing and puffing up nine flights of stairs.

It was the goddamn umbrella’s fault.

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Hasn’t everyone had a “stuck-in-an-elevator-with-a-hot-guy” fantasy?
Realistically, what things would you be worried about? Have fun!

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12 thoughts on “IN ONE PICTURE: JANUARY GEORGE’S “Blackout” (CONTEST)

  1. No! I can’t say that I have had this particular fantasy. I have read several very hot ones, but personally? No! Why? You may ask. Let’s start with a minor case of claustrophobia, a bit of motion sickness, and a manger phobia of falling. Elevators tend to tickle all of the above so I tend to white knuckle when I have to take one. Not conducive to hot fantasies in elevators no matter how hot a guy may be. Just not happening.

  2. Being stuck in an elevator sounds like a hot fantasy but I would be worried about needing a bathroom before it ended, especially when I was on a previous medication. Ugh. Not attractive.

  3. I’ve read several stories with this trope and I enjoyed them. However, having been stuck in an elevator, all alone and early in the morning when no one was answering the phones at work yet, I’ve never really fantasized about doing it again, not even with a hot guy. 🙂

  4. Not one of my fantasies, I am claustrophobic. He would have to be really hot, kiss the socks off me or give me a striptease to get my mind off the walls closing in LOL

  5. Not a fantasy that I have had. Knowing my luck he would turn out to just being creepy.

  6. Realistically, I’d be afraid of being stuck with someone that was either like Latifa said, someone I wouldn’t want to be around, much less trapped in a small space with, OR being stuck with someone who’d panic and need to be talked down, OR someone with a health issue that I wouldn’t be able to help. OR I’d be afraid of being stuck in a FULL elevator with peeps who haven’t had a chance to shower or who need to potty or who had intestinal upset… Way to ruin that fantasy 😉

  7. I haven’t lived where there are many elevators in a long time….so no fantasies about being stuck in one with a hot guy.
    I’d be concerned when the elevator powered up that it would do a speed gathering drop to the bottom of the shaft, possibly cause me great harm.

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