Delilah Devlin: Why Collections?

Delilah Devlin: Why Collections?

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Why Collections?

When I began writing, I didn’t consider short stories. They weren’t an end goal. I wanted to write books! So, that’s how I began, writing novels and novellas, which turned into series that I had to continue. Before long, I got bored.

Plus, I wanted to experiment with other genres but not commit a ton of effort if it turned out I sucked. Then I saw a “call for submissions” from an editor at Cleis Press, and I got excited. I could write something one-off, something very short. So, I did and my story made it into the volume. I submitted a slew of stories after that, then had an idea for my own collection. I submitted the idea to Cleis, and they accepted the concept. Because, at the time, they were looking to move into the romance market, they asked me to work on more romantic themes, rather than purely erotic themes.

If you scroll down the page and look at the right-hand column, you’ll see some of those romantic themes: cowboys, firefighters, military heroes, etc. But as happens a lot in the publishing industry, Cleis sold to another company, and they decided they wanted to return to their purely erotica roots, so I was out as an editor. No worries. I’ve been there before, and it was only a side gig, anyway. But I still had ideas.

I put out a call, hoping authors would still like to be in an anthology, minus the promise of being in bookstores. Since so much of publishing is now online anyway, there was interest. With the help of my sister, Elle James, I’ve published these collections:

Conquests: An Anthology of Smoldering Viking Romance  Rogues

Along the way, readers have helped me out by giving me suggestions for future collections, voting on covers and titles. I love that they look forward to them. I do understand that short stories aren’t for everyone, but they are a wonderful way to find authors you’ve never read before, or stories you can read to The End while you’re on the go. We keep the collections cheaply priced so anyone can afford to download a copy. Our purpose is not to make a ton of money, but to be read!

I hope you’ve all pre-ordered your copy of our next collection because it’s going to be wild!

Pre-order your copy here:
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  1. I have pre-ordered! I look forward to reading this one. I do enjoy your anthologies. I have been looking forward to them since the cowboy days. Thank you for going here.

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