Ava Cuvay: The Tentacle Dilemma (Contest — 4 Winners!)

Ava Cuvay: The Tentacle Dilemma (Contest — 4 Winners!)

UPDATE: The winners are…Colleen C., Amy Scott, Sheila Bonuso, and bn100!

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Happy Hump Day everyone! I’m Ava Cuvay, first-time participant in this year’s hot, Hot, HOT Boys Behaving Badly Anthology. This is such an exciting adventure, and I’m thrilled to be part of this anthology and this diverse group of authors!

I write Sci-Fi Romance books set in a galaxy far, far away with sassy heroines, sexy heroes, and aliens. I get to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilizations… aaaand I just let my inner Trekkie out, didn’t I?

Sorry, not sorry. Wait until my Star Wars geek flag flies! But I digress 😉

The best part about crafting aliens is the endless possibilities they offer. And for the upcoming First Responder Anthology, I got to have fun with an alien species I’ve mentioned in a couple of my other books: Dohthans, a species originating from a watery planet. In my Anthology short story, “The Siren’s Song,” my heroine Lorlii Atarga is a sexy, sassy Dohthan who owns a space station bar hotspot the first responder hero, Roark Trekker, likes to visit.

When these two get intimate, I got to have some authorly fun! I’ve previously blogged on Delilah’s site about my recent discovery of Hentai, or tentacle sex. (if you missed it, here’s the link: https://www.delilahdevlin.com/blog/2020/05/08/ava-cuvay-old-dogs-and-new-tricks/) Since tentacles are found in several oceanic creatures, well, I just haaaaad to work them into my story somehow! Except… in Hentai and other tentacle-erotica, they typically represent the male parts. But in my story, the female is the one who has the “aquatic features.” Hmmm… how do I mesh male-focused Hentai with the female body?

*ponders the muse…*lightbulb above the head*

I know! Her tentacles will be smaller, more vibrantly-colored, and more numerous. So, really, less a singular tentacle, and more sea anemone in nature.

It works! An anemone has a long sheath, an outer ring, a central opening… And that’s all I’m going to say about the matter. Curious? I hope you are, and I hope you take a moment to one-click the pre-order so you can read all the amazing short stories by the other fabulous authors. And, so you can see how I got my Hentai on with my friends-to-lovers Sci-fi Romance short story “The Siren’s Song.” Here’s a little excerpt below to tease you with (sorry… no tentacles 😉

Contest — 4 Winners!

Giveaway time!

Comment with your favorite marine lifeform, whether real or mythical, and I’ll randomly draw three winners to receive a Kindle version of the First Responders: Boys Behaving Badly Anthology (available on Release Day). And, for giggles, I’ll draw another winner to receive this oh-so-adorable “Love your Anemones” t-shirt (from TeePublic. Sizes available up to 3XL. I’ll need your mailing address to ship). United States only for the t-shirt. Giveaway will stay open for a week, and winners will be contacted on Thursday, June 18th.

Excerpt from “The Siren’s Song”

The other man made some dismissive sound, catching Roark’s attention, and flicked a hand in Lorlii’s direction. “What can I say? She likes it rough.”

It was possible. He and Lorlii didn’t talk sex, predilections, or experiences. He hadn’t wanted her imagining him fucking another woman, and he didn’t want to imagine her with another man. Ever. He looked up from her quivering breasts to her usually animated face. A dark bruise marred one side—he ground his teeth at the thought of the skinny creep hitting Lorlii, even if she’d consented—and tears streaked her cheeks. Her eyes blazed with fire, but he couldn’t determine whether from desire or anger.

Only one way to know for sure. “Nod your head if you’re here willingly, Lorlii. I’ll go back to the bar and leave you two to continue as you were.”

The hardest words to ever pass his lips. Every cell in his body cried out against them. He wanted her to choose him. Roark had been working for months to transition their relationship out of the friend-zone, although she hadn’t taken even his boldest flirtation seriously. That’s what he got for wanting such a feisty smartass of a woman. Lorlii was exquisite. Her aquatic Dohthan coloring a gentle palette of blues in hypnotic swirls like an oceanic whirlpool sucking him towards nirvana. Where most Dohthans were lean, Lorlii had curves his hands and mouth longed to dive into. And her breasts… sweet stars above, her gorgeous breasts…

21 thoughts on “Ava Cuvay: The Tentacle Dilemma (Contest — 4 Winners!)

    1. ButtonsMom2003, I think Manatees are fascinating! Watching them is as mesmerizing, like a lava lamp. (Although they’re not quite as portable 😉

  1. Oh my! Sounds interesting. Can’t wait to read. My favorite marine creature? Hmmmmmm . . . I don’t know. Haven’t given it a lot of thought, but well, I think I will have to say Mermen! 😀

    1. Colleen C. – Ooo, interesting choice! They get a little over-shadowed by the popularity of mermaids/men these days, don’t they.

    1. Dana Zamora – I would love to do one of those swim-with-the-dolphin experiences. That would be so awesome!

    1. Debra Guyette — Clown fish are so cute. I love their bright stripes! Plus, “Finding Nemo” is the litmus test by which my family judges all other animated movies. So we say things like “It had its funny moments, but it’s no Finding Nemo.” 😉

  2. Hey Ava! I can’t wait read your story. I like marine life from a distance, but I’d say my favorite marine animal is the dolphin.

    1. Lisa – Loo, I like marine life from the other side of the aquarium glass 😉 Although I did swim with some rays once and it was amazing! I’d love to do the same with dolphins. <3

  3. I used to want to be a marine biologist when I was younger so that says a lot but I love the different varieties of anemones, nurse shark, manatees and giant manta rays.
    Yep, that’s a lot but they are awesome.

    1. Amy Scott — I agree with all of those! There are so many marine creatures to choose from, and many are as “alien” to us as what we often envision we might find in outer space!

  4. I love creative writing! So many amazing sea animals, I LOVE to watch jelly fish or an octopus swim!

    1. Michelle Levan – I do too! I think it’s because their lack of bones makes their movements so “alien” to most animals we’re familiar with.

  5. I love creative writing. I think jelly fish and octopuses are amazing to watch swim!

  6. I love loggerhead sea turtles. I love their strength in their long journeys to lay their eggs.

    1. Sheila Bonuso – It’s amazing how sea turtles are so graceful compared to their land-based cousins. 😉

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