See what just $0.99 gets you! SILVER SOLDIERS releases tomorrow at midnight! (Contest)

See what just $0.99 gets you! SILVER SOLDIERS releases tomorrow at midnight! (Contest)

UPDATE: The winner is…Anne Ivey!

Psst! This post is duplicated over on my Delilah Devlin website—so, two prizes, two chances to win!

Silver Soldiers: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology is the 7th BBB anthology! And I think it’s the fattest, too! That’s over 81,000-words of hot goodness! The release date is May 9th—so that means, tomorrow at midnight, you can have this book in your Kindle or iPad and you can hop around to read the stories you know you’re going to love before reading the ones you didn’t know you’d love (but you will!).

Take a look at the list of stories below. There is truly something for everyone.

So, for a chance at getting a FREE copy of one of the previous BBB anthologies, tell me TWO things: 1) Have you already pre-ordered your copy of Silver Soldiers? 2) Which stories listed below are you most interested in diving into first?


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This collection features “silver soldiers”—those salt-and-pepper hotties with crow’s feet earned through rugged training and years of combat. Former soldiers finding their footing after their first careers, or current soldiers nearing the end of their military careers. 

Table of Contents

Fight Like Cats and Wolves by A.J. Harris – After their helicopter is forced down by a rogue war machine, an Army veteran must use wits and fangs to survive with his mysterious pilot

Handfasted to the Highlander Warrior by Aurora Russell – A hardened warrior reluctantly prepares to release his vivacious bride from their handfasted union…until a sweet, sexy surprise changes everything.

SNAFU—Situation Normal, All F***ed Up by Ava Cuvay – A sidelined Army cyborg’s only joy is the dimpled smile of a curvy Pentagon admin until she offers him a proposition he should refuse

Operation Purple Sparkle Diamond by Brenda Margriet – A resolute Afghan veteran deploys on his most desperate mission yet—wooing the hesitant heart of his daughter’s kindergarten teacher

Ripples by Delilah Devlin – A former Special Forces soldier, looking forward to the peace and quiet of his new houseboat, finds his solitude shattered by the arrival of his neighbor and her kid.

SEAL in Distress by Denise De Marco – While dealing with an unwanted inheritance, a former SEAL confronts his toughest battle yet against an unexpected woman

Storm on the Bayou by Elle James – A retired Navy SEAL and a pretty parish deputy hole up in a bayou fishing shack, weathering a violent meteorological and unexpectedly passionate storm

Star Diplomacy by Kimberly Dean – With the threat of an interplanetary war looming, a hardened military negotiator must find a way to connect with the enemy’s beautiful ambassador

Take Me to the Water by Michal Scott – An unexpected dare holds the key to a second chance with the disgraced Buffalo soldier she’s never stopped loving

This Time Forever by N.J. Walters – A retired Delta Force operator thwarts a holdup, saving the life of the woman he left behind twenty-seven years ago

Weathering the Storm by Natasha Moore – During a violent storm, a stranger walks into a woman’s bar who reminds her of the lover she lost who died behind enemy lines years ago

Sarge in Charge by Reina Torres – When lowlifes threaten the curvy bar owner in his Arizona town, the president of the Broken Arrow MC proves he’s the sarge in charge

Broken Trust by Rhonda Lee Carver – A retired SEAL must protect an old flame who’s feisty and more dangerous than any criminal—and dead if he can’t earn her trust

Clear to Engage by Sukie Chapin – One struggling bookshop owner, one hot-as-hell former SEAL-turned-carpenter, one line drawn in the sand—until the job is done, they’re not clear to engage

11 thoughts on “See what just $0.99 gets you! SILVER SOLDIERS releases tomorrow at midnight! (Contest)

  1. All of the stories in the box set sound interesting. I’ve added it to my wish list (sadly, even though it’s only .99 cents, it’s still more than I can afford right now).

  2. I do have it preordered….for quite some time. Since many if the authors are new to me…I’m looking forward to reading them all….beginning to ending. I’ll read them in order…no skipping around.

  3. I pre-ordered April 3rd and am looking forward to All of them!!😁🥰

  4. Yes, ordered 2/26/23. Plan on reading these three first: Ripples, Storm on the Bayou, and Sarge in Charge.

  5. Yes I have preordered it.
    Ripples and
    Storm on the Bayou by Elle James

  6. Already preordered ages ago! No need to include me–looking forward to this latest collection, Delilah!

  7. Star Diplomacy and Ripples are ones that catch me.
    I did not preorder as a few times I preordered from two sources.

  8. I don’t preorder books…
    Looking forward to reading Storm on the Bayou, Ripples and Fight Like Cats and Wolves the most….

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