Getting to Know Kimberly Dean (Contest)

Getting to Know Kimberly Dean (Contest)

UPDATE: The winner is…Colleen C!

Why did I start writing? Because my favorite authors weren’t writing fast enough! It was before indie publishing, and authors often had only one book per year. Two, maximum. I sat down just to try, and I remember when something clicked inside my head. I get this, I thought.

It was just a lark, and I had no intentions of publishing until I ran across a call for writers. A page in the back matter of a book said, “Interested in writing for us? Send your manuscripts here.” Well, that made me sit up straight. Huh, what would it hurt to try? The twist was that the publisher was Black Lace Books, a London publisher who published “erotica for women, written by women.”  The spicy stuff. I hesitated for about a minute. Was I that bold? Why not? It was a huge leap to think that I’d be accepted. I was really looking for feedback. I wanted to hear a response to what I wrote so I could get ideas on what I needed to fix. I sent in a manuscript for a novel. When I saw their call for short stories, I sent one of those, too.

Imagine my surprise when I walked out to my mailbox many months later and found a contract. They were making an offer for my novel, Tiger Lily. I was stunned. Then a week later, I found another contract in my mailbox for my short story, “Playing with Fire.” I was over the moon!

That was over twenty years ago, and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve transitioned away from erotica because all my stories started with a romance. Today, I focus on the contemporary and paranormal genres, although Delilah’s anthologies have allowed me to explore more. My contribution to the Silver Soldiers anthology is a Sci-Fi alien romance. It’s a follow-up to a standalone novel I wrote called Falling Stars.

Take a look through my back list. I hope there’s something there you like!

For a chance to win a free download of any of the Boys Behaving Badly anthologies, tell me about something you took a chance on and succeeded!

About the Author

Kimberly Dean has been published by Avon, Black Lace, Ellora’s Cave, HarperCollins: Mischief, and Samhain Publishing. She’s known for creating strong emotional connections and sizzling chemistry between her characters. She’s the author of over forty published stories including the Storm Chaser Alliance sci-fi alien romance series.

Her story inside Silver Soldiers: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology is “Star Diplomacy.”

With the threat of an interplanetary war looming, a hardened military negotiator must find a way to connect with the enemy’s beautiful ambassador…

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  2. I learned how to pressure can. It was scary and I had some failures but now I love it!

  3. I graduated HS in 72 and started working–planning to make my mark–and my first million, in the business world. 9 years later, I decided to go for my Paralegal certificate, so started classes at Penn State. A year later a younger friend applied to college and talked me into doing the same. I had no intentions of college, so never took my SATs. I snuck into college as a transfer student with 2 life experience credits for my Paralegal classes. My last semester, I took creative writing and my prof held my 1st assignment (along with 5 others) and told the class they were basically the worst he ever read. I put the class on P/F. In the end, I finished my Paralegal classes with a 3.75 and got my BA in Poli Sci with a 3.7 while holding 2 jobs the whole time. Side note: I had been writing since HS and to date, I have 5 books done, though none are published. Shows you that college profs aren’t always right.

  4. I wanted to become a certified crystal healer and it took a lot of work because I moved and had no friends. My family came through as my guinea pigs.

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