IN ONE PICTURE: Jamie K. Schmidt’s “Sweet Home Cowboy” (Contest)

IN ONE PICTURE: Jamie K. Schmidt’s “Sweet Home Cowboy” (Contest)

UPDATE: The winner is…pat!

Sweet Home Cowboy by Jamie K. Schmidt

A runaway bride returns home to visit her father in the hospital only to discover her jilted groom has taken control of the family’s ranch

Snippet from “Sweet Home Cowboy”…

Reaching in, Leo unclicked Wynn’s seat belt and then held out his hand for her to take so he could help her down.  He thought he was behaving rather civilized, but she still stared at him like she didn’t know him.  Like she had forgotten about him while she was fooling around in New York City.  Maybe she had.  That didn’t sit well with him.  Hooking his arm around her waist, he tugged her off the seat and into his arms.  She fit like she belonged there, and if he held her against him for longer than was necessary, it was because she smelled like honey and roses. A silky wisp of blond hair strayed from the messy ponytail she wore and tickled his cheek…

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This story features a woman who thought she wanted the big city life. Which would prefer, the big city life or life on a ranch with a cowboy?

About the Author

Three-time USA Today bestselling author, Jamie K. Schmidt, is known for her erotically charged romances. Jamie’s books have been called, “hot and sexy, with an emotional punch,” and “turbo-paced, gritty, highly sexual thrill rides.” She is a #1 Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestseller and a 2018 RWA Rita® finalist in erotic fiction.  Become one of her VIP readers and get a FREE book:


Jamie K. Schmidt

5 thoughts on “IN ONE PICTURE: Jamie K. Schmidt’s “Sweet Home Cowboy” (Contest)

  1. Never cared for the city… too many people and way too much traffic… give me a life on a ranch with a cowboy!

  2. Probably the big city–I don’t actually love that either, but I doubt I’m well suited for the country life 😉

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