In One Picture: Megan Ryder’s “Second Chances” (Contest)

In One Picture: Megan Ryder’s “Second Chances” (Contest)

UPDATE: The winner is…Cheryl!

Second Chances by Megan Ryder

Overwhelmed trying to hold onto her dead husband’s ranch, a lonely widow turns to the one man she can’t have for a night of passion

Snippet from “Second Chances”…

How could today have gone so wrong? Or maybe it had gone right? It was closing in on the anniversary of Mark’s death two years ago, and she was already thinking of cheating on him with his best friend. But was it really cheating if she was a widow and the object of her desire was also single? Hell, she deserved a man-given orgasm, considering all the shit she’d put up with over the past few years, literally and figuratively. She would never have considered straying from their vows under any circumstance, but now, she was lonely. She couldn’t mourn her husband forever. Her friends were right about that. Plus, Mark wouldn’t want her to be alone forever. He’d want her to move on.

What would he say if he knew she wanted Slade with every fiber of her being? That she fantasized about him every night, the images so real that she could almost feel him in her bed, feel the heat of his bronzed skin and powerful, corded muscles under her fingertips, and the power of his thrusts as he drove deep inside her. Hell, she could come from her dreams alone. She didn’t need her vibrators or her trusty rabbit, which was good because she’d long ago run out of batteries and hadn’t had a chance to replace them in weeks. Her memory and fantasies were enough to get her off these days, with help from her fingers.

Now, she was stuck at this cabin in a snowstorm with the object of her fantasies, and she couldn’t help but think it was fate, or maybe Mark, telling her it was time to move on, before she had to sell and leave Granite Junction forever. But before she left, she could have a memory to treasure for all time. If she had the guts to reach out and take it.

Slowly, she unbuttoned her milk-soaked shirt and tossed it on the cot, her decision made.

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What would you do if you could have a second chance with a love from your past? Would you take it or leave it in the past?

12 thoughts on “In One Picture: Megan Ryder’s “Second Chances” (Contest)

  1. I guess it depends, but there is a certain someone I always wondered “what if”. If I had a second chance with him, I’d take it.

  2. I think it would depend. I’m content to leave the HS past where it belongs 😉

    And, Megan, I really enjoyed Second Chances!

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