Where Magic Begins: Michal Scott (Contest)

Where Magic Begins: Michal Scott (Contest)

The winner is…Colleen C!

When I lived in NYC, I used to write on the subway and the Long Island Railroad to and from work. Something about the train’s motion lulled me into extremely productive writing headspaces. Once I moved to the southwest, I didn’t think I’d find that rhythm again, but believe it or not, leaves rustling and birds chirping in my backyard have the same effect. So in good weather or bad, here’s my writing space. I go out around 8:30 and, with breaks, will stay there writing until dark.


For a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card, share with me where you found calm in a noisy place.

10 thoughts on “Where Magic Begins: Michal Scott (Contest)

  1. I find calm in my room, where I can’t just shut the day away and listen to music.

  2. I find peace in our sun room I like the light that comes in it and I can close the sliding glass door to be by myself

  3. I can find calm anywhere I can read. Since I read on my phone , I find my calm anywhere.

  4. In a noisy place I find I can tune out by people watching. (That’s not creepy at all.)

  5. If it’s too noisy in the house I just put on my earbuds or headphones with classical music on at low volume and then I read. The other thing I do is listen to my favorite audiobook narrators. The book doesn’t always matter, it’s the voice that can do it for me.

  6. My head is my worst enemy sometimes. Finding calm only happens after I thought out everything first. A run is my best source for this- not that I like it or even have time for it, but many plot have been thought through after a few miles down a beating path.

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