Where Magic Begins: Delilah Devlin (Contest)

Where Magic Begins: Delilah Devlin (Contest)

UPDATE: The winner is…Ellen Wulf!

Well, despite the photo of my very cluttered desk, the “magic” doesn’t always come when I’m sitting there. Usually, I’ve already gotten the inspiration for what I write while I’m doing something else. Something brainless. Because, hey, my mind has to be a little blank for the muses (a psychic told me I have three—and actually, more than one psychic!) to shout loud enough to be heard.

I know that makes me sound weirder than shit, but often, I’m surprised by what pops into my mind. I’m trained, and have taught, how to plot a novel from beginning to end, but these days, I prefer a more natural way of going about things. An idea creeps into my mind—usually just the first scene–and I go do something else, like float around the pool. And no, this picture is not a self-portrait—it’s a pool thermometer that my family bought because they said it reminded them of me.

frogs 2

I can be painting something, running the vacuum, dozing off to sleep, and suddenly, I hear a string of dialogue. The next scene rolls like an old-fashioned film through my mind, and I have to stop what I’m doing and head back to my desk.

It’s not the most efficient way to write and interferes with any wordcount goals I might set for myself, but it’s the way I like to create. The fact there’s any coherency to my stories isn’t because of some planned outcome, it’s because, again, my muses have never let me down.

So, back to where the magic begins… It begins in the ether. (And yes, I’m weirder than shit, but I embrace it.)


For a chance to win a download of your choice from among the many stories in my backlist, answer me this…

Do you believe something outside your own head, maybe even something supernatural, provides you inspiration or guidance?


7 thoughts on “Where Magic Begins: Delilah Devlin (Contest)

  1. My writing inspiration comes from dreams. I can sometimes control my dreams to an extent, it’s called lucid dreaming, I take the good climatic parts and work backwards.

  2. I’m not really sure. Recently I’ve been kidding my hubby that Buttons’ ghost is checking up on us. Buttons would always rough up the bath mat on the floor outside the shower when ever either of us was in it. It’s been roughed up a lot lately and we both deny doing it. LOL I miss him a lot but I’m comforted by the thought that he might be checking in on us.

  3. yes!! a lot of my scenes start as lines or couplets of dialogue in my head… sometimes a character will just show up in my head… “ta da!”
    I don’t feel so alone 😀

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