Where Magic Begins: Jaap Boekestein (Contest)

Where Magic Begins: Jaap Boekestein (Contest)

UPDATE: The winner is…Pat Elliott!

The Right Spots

Where does one write erotica?

The answer is easy: in the heart, in the soul, in the mind. Erotica is about passions and dreams, and for writing about those, I need my mind.

Okay, but where does one really write? Every writer has her or his favorite spot, the place where the creative well flows over, where the fingers caress the keyboard. Where the writer sighs and moans and doubts and suffers, only to triumph in the end.

Well… Nowadays, I write in bed. Where else, would one write erotica?

It hasn’t always been that way. I live in Den Haag, a pretty old city near the sea, with lots of great spots to write. I frequented two of my favorite coffee houses to write in the morning or afternoon, and sometimes both. One was a 16th-century tavern in the city’s center, a place where old and new money loved to sit on the terrace and watch the hustle and bustle of Den Haag. Between the writing and the cappuccino’s and cake, I participated gladly. Their cappuccino was great, as was their cake, and the whole vibe of old élan was always inspirational.

The other spot was a coffee bar in what once was a blue-collar part of town. A decade ago, it has been taken over by alternative and creative shops and studios and plenty of coffee houses, and even a few coffee shops (which very much do not sell coffee) and massage parlors. A nice mix of fun, relaxed and slightly risqué. And also a great spot to write erotica. I would sit down, order my usual, flirt a little with the waitresses, and write in the middle of co-writers, friends having a drink, mothers with their kids, and the occasional weird character Den Haag has to offer.

Right now, those days belong to the past. COVID 19 came, and the Netherlands practices social distancing. Right now, one can sit in coffee bars once more, but people dear to me are high-risk cases, so I stay at home as much as possible. So, I’m writing in bed, instead of coffee bars. In bed with a notebook, and not at a table.

The table is for my 9 to 5 IT job, I can luckily do from home. To write, I needed a different spot, a different energy, and after trying the couch and a few other places, I ended up in bed.

Where else?

So, dear reader, have you ever been in bed with an erotica writer?

Now you have…


Jaap Boekestein
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  1. No, but I would definitely enjoy being the source of practice for the erotica scenes.

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