N.J. Walters: “Undercover Lover” from STRANDED

N.J. Walters: “Undercover Lover” from STRANDED

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Being in an anthology with other authors I admire and respect is always a wonderful experience. I’ve been lucky enough to be included in more than a half dozen over the course of my almost 15-year career. Stranded: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology, is the latest one, and my story is “Undercover Lover.”

When I thought about the theme of the anthology, many possibilities immediately sprang to mind—stranded on the side of a road due to a breakdown (which was actually the premise for my story “Roadside Assistance” in the Blue Collar: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology), being stranded at an airport, on a boat, in outer space. There were also weather-related possibilities—snowstorm, tornado watch, rainstorm and flood.

Then I met Sherry Norman, a tough DEA agent working undercover as a waitress in a dangerous biker bar. Things take a bad turn, leaving her stranded without backup. That is, until a man from her past walks in. The heroine is a strong, determined woman, but even the best sometimes need a little backup. And Ellis Smith is more than willing to take on the job.

Writing a short story is different from writing a book. Everything is immediate. There is a very short time to get the story told, which lends itself to tension and action. I had a blast writing this story, and I hope you enjoy it.


Excerpt from “Undercover Lover”

A DEA agent working undercover as a waitress in a dangerous biker bar
is stranded without backup until a man from her past walks in

Sherry has just been rescued from being molested by the leader of a biker gang by an unexpected arrival…

“Hey, Jack,” Deke called out. “Sherry’s done for the night. Her old man’s back.” He leered at her chest. “I’ve been wanting to see her tits. Go ahead and fuck her.”

Sherry was both scared out of her mind and more aroused than she’d been in years. No other man had ever had this effect on her. Only Ellis.

They’d been lovers for six months before he’d left, leaving some bullshit letter about her being better than him. Yeah, she was so good he’d had no trouble abandoning her, leaving her alone in the world.

Screw him. Well, not literally. Okay, so maybe she did want to fuck him but definitely not with an audience watching.

Ellis caught a handful of her hair in his hand and dragged her head close. He didn’t ask as she had earlier. He simply took. His kiss was devastating to her senses. His tongue mapped every corner of her mouth. His grip on her was unbreakable, not that she tried to get away.

She had no idea what would happen between them once the night was over. Only she knew about the impending raid. All she had to do was to keep her head for a couple more hours. Easier said than done with Ellis kissing her.

Then he cupped one of her breasts and squeezed. A low moan broke from her lips. She heard Bull laugh and Killer snicker. She opened her eyes a crack, just enough to see Deke. He wasn’t amused.

No, he looked pissed. And that was dangerous with them surrounded by his men. He could easily kill Ellis and rape her before help ever arrived. There was no help coming from any quarter, not until the appointed time. Until then, it was her and Ellis.

They were on their own.

She had to complete her assignment and protect Ellis. She had no idea why he was really here. Whatever it was, it couldn’t be good. It wasn’t surprising he’d gotten caught up in a biker gang. After all, it was the life he’d grown up in. She’d always hoped for more for him.

As though sensing her distraction, Ellis caught her lower lip between his teeth and bit lightly in punishment. She couldn’t suppress a gasp, and he took advantage, thrusting his tongue back into her mouth. God, she loved the taste of him, had missed his gentle possession. Because as tough as he’d been, as hard as he’d grown up, he’d always been good to her, always treated her like she was special, that she mattered.

“Fuck her,” Deke ordered.

Ellis shoved his hand under her tank top and kept going, pushing her bra out of the way until he was touching her bare breast. She knew no one could see anything with his hand covering her. Plus, the rest of the bar was dimly lit. Still, she felt as though she was on public display.

He rubbed his thumb over the taut nipple before giving it a light pinch. Her panties were damp, damn him. It should have been impossible, but there was something about him she couldn’t resist.

Before she knew what was happening, he’d yanked her top over her head and tossed it aside. Her bra followed, leaving her topless. Her back was to everyone but those at the table. Heart pounded she automatically crossed her arms in front of her.

Bull swore. “Her tits are gorgeous.” He reached out his hand. A sharp blade slammed down on the table, barely missing Bull’s fingers before he yanked them back.

“What the fuck was that?” he demanded.

“You don’t touch my woman.” Ellis yanked the big bowie knife from the wood and slid it back into the sheath inside his vest. “Not when I haven’t touched her in weeks.”

Bull held up his hands. “Okay, man.”

Ellis stood with her in his arms with her chest flattened against his. She wrapped her arms around him but kept her gaze on Deke.

“Sit the fuck down,” Deke ordered.

“No.” There was no fear, no anger, no emotion of any kind in his voice. “I’m going to go fuck my woman. I know you’re all eager to see my dick, but that’ll have to wait for another time.” Then he nuzzled her neck. “There a stockroom or office around here?”

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  1. Oh MY, NJ!! Can’t wait to read this one 😉 Good thing the collection’s on my e-reader!

  2. YOWZA!!! I loved the excerpt. Hot and left me wanting to read how they survive until help arrives and also find out the reason Ellis left.

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