Lady of the House by T. G. Haynes (Contest!)

Lady of the House by T. G. Haynes (Contest!)

T.G. couldn’t be with us. Something about studying for a big exam. What? Writers have lives outside their writing bubble? I wish him good luck, and I’m very pleased he found time to write his short story in our Rogues collection, “Lady of the House”! I loved that the rogue in this story has the table turned on him by another roguish woman (the lady)!

Here’s a snippet. Okay, it’s barely a tease. Don’t be mad. :mrgreen:

A cat burgling couple are taught a memorable lesson when confronted by the lady of the house which they have broken into…

Kissing her way down his chest and stomach, she had just reached his groin when she suddenly sensed that they were no longer alone in the room. Turning her head, Jade looked across in the direction of the door. Initially, she couldn’t see anyone, for that part of the room was lying in deep shadow, but as her eyes gradually adjusted, she made out the form of a woman standing just to the right of the open doorway.

To confirm her presence, the woman raised a lighter to the cigarette dangling from her lips. She lit the cigarette and took a couple of drags. Jade thought something about her manner gave the impression she was enjoying the show.

As if to confirm this, in a softly spoken voice the woman said, “Don’t mind me.”

Until that moment Alex hadn’t realized that anything was untoward. As realization hit him, he sat bolt upright on the bed.

Guessing who the woman was, Jade said, “I can explain.”

“I doubt that very much,” Lady Hamilton replied. “Don’t worry though, I’m not really interested in explanations.”

“So what are you interested in?” Jade asked.

Lady Hamilton took a final drag on the cigarette. “What you’re going to do next.”


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  1. GO, TG! Awesome that you’re juggling classes and writing! Best wishes with your future plans, no matter what they include!

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