The Highwayman’s Treasure by Emma Jay (Contest)

The Highwayman’s Treasure by Emma Jay (Contest)

Howdy! I’m posting this as I count down the days left in the school year–2 weeks from today, WOOT!

Summer to me means reading and writing, and has since I was nine years old. One of the first things I did when I graduated college was pick up a historical romance that sounded good, by Karen Robards, called Dark of the Moon. I devoured that book, my first romance, which started a hunger for more. I can’t believe there was a time when I couldn’t find enough books to read. ANYWAY…Dark of the Moon had a highwayman in it, and ever since then, I’ve thought of the highwayman as being a romantic figure. When Delilah put out a call for rogues, I had to write this story.

Here’s an excerpt:

“We have nothing, sir,” the coachman said in a shaky voice.

“I know that not to be true. You have just come from a ball, have you not? The ladies within are jeweled.”

Constance made a high-pitched sound into Julia’s neck. Julia hushed her instantly, though the highwayman knew they were inside. And as if she summoned him, he appeared at the door, on foot.

The smile beneath the mask riveted her, a flash of white teeth in the dark, and her arms tightened around her niece. She knew that smile, but she had never expected to see it like this, playful but with a threatening edge. What was he doing? She clicked her teeth to resist calling him out, saying his name, revealing his identity, needing to protect him, even though her mind couldn’t wrap around seeing him here.

She pushed the younger woman behind her, and leveled a look at the man who accosted them, holding his gaze, wanting him to know she knew who he was.

“Well, well, lovely ladies indeed,” he said, his voice intentionally rough to disguise it. “Please step outside.”

Heart hammering, Julia shook her head so hard her hair fell loose, though she knew denial alone wouldn’t send him away.

“All right,” he said, lifting a lethal-looking pistol. “Just you, then. Bring her jewels with you.”

Her hand went up to shield Constance instinctively, though she was certain he wouldn’t hurt her. “She’s a debutante. She’s only wearing pearls.”

“Perfectly matched, if I recall. Bring them with you, if you please.”


THE CONTEST: I’m going to be lazy today (end of the school year)–one commenter will be selected at random for a $5 gift card!

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  1. Loved The Highwaymans Treasure. The first historical I read was Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss.

  2. l have always loved Historical romance, and l am an avid fan of Karen Robards,l have been for years, and of course Delilah Devlin since l read her first wolf story!!

  3. Oh, thank you! Sorry I’ve neglected comments today–we had talent show practice, which wiped me out today!

    In the 90s, it seemed ever tying was historical romance, at least when I started reading. I loved Irish/English/Scottish ones best.

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