Brindle Chase: Renegade

Brindle Chase: Renegade

A sexy SWAT leader rescues a rookie after she’s taken hostage during a bungled undercover assignment

That sums up Brindle Chase’s “Renegade” quite nicely, but doesn’t begin to tell you how hot this story really is! I remember reading it and saying to my dd who was reading stories with me, “Holy shit!”

The action scene that opens the story is fabulous! When our hapless heroine is finally safe, she quickly isn’t, again, but only because Renegade is so angry with her he’s beside himself. I’ll give you a little taste, but you have to promise yourself to buy the book and read…the rest of the story!

From “Renegade” by Brindle Chase

HighOctaneHeroesHer handcuffs went slack with a click, and she opened her eyes. Michael scooped her up off the ground like she weighed nothing and curled her to his massive chest.

She couldn’t help the tears of rejoicing. Horror still assailed every nerve in her body, but she was safe. Adrenaline pumped like furnace blasts through her veins, and she collapsed against him, sobbing.

He held her in his arms and walked her out of the warehouse. She clung to him for dear life, not wanting to let go. Kara buried her face in his chest as the clamor of squad cars, officers and people all around her filled her ears.

Shame replaced the waning heat of adrenaline. There weren’t adjectives powerful enough to describe how badly she had fucked up. She couldn’t face her brothers.

“She all right?” Kara heard Jacobs ask, and she felt Michael bob his head.

Her legs dropped, and she balanced on the five-inch heels still amazingly strapped to her feet. She opened her eyes and blushed at the impassioned gaze Michael aimed at her. She’d never felt more like a rabbit caught by a lion than right then.

Michael snapped his gloves off and tossed them in the squad car. He yanked off his helmet and threw it in as well. Then he turned back and fixed her with another dark glare.

Kara fidgeted beneath his scathing stare and smoothed the folds of the tiny dress draped across her breasts.

A blur came from her right, and his hand snagged the back of her neck and tilted her head back. She gasped, staring at him as he scrutinized her.

“Are you hurt?”

She shook her head. Her wrists were sore, but she was otherwise unharmed. Michael’s abrupt arrival had saved her from untold horrors.

“You sure?”

“Yes. I…I’m okay.” The touch of his hand was hot on her skin and sent sparks of arousal straight between her legs.

His hand dropped from her jaw and gripped the front of her dress and pulled. A wave of heat flushed her cheeks. The dress barely covered anything, and she knew her breasts were in full view although his body shielded them from anyone else’s sight. At his mercy, her sex clenched moistly.

“What fucking asshole dressed you in this?”

Kara looked down in shame. “I… I did.”

“Seriously?” His voice was steel and electricity trickling down her spine.

She nodded. His damning gaze narrowed, and she swallowed hard. Kara knew he would never hurt her even though he was the deadliest man she knew.

“Yo, Delaney. Lieutenant wants to debrief Brown,” came a voice from over her shoulder.

Michael nodded, but his stare remained on her. She looked to her open-toed shoes and focused there. Her toenail paint hadn’t chipped through everything.

“I’ll make sure she gets there, but me and her are gonna have a little chat about police work one-oh-one.” His grave voice conjured another lump in her throat and forced her to swallow.

“Get in the car,” he said with an ominously quiet tone.

“I know I screwed—”

Michael snared her wrist before she knew what happened. He spun her to face the open passenger door of the squad car and slapped her ass loudly. It stung but fueled her raging hormones as much as her outrage. Thinking he’d spanked her in front of half the precinct, she whirled in place. The flooding heat reversed from her core to her face. But his massive frame stood in the way and no one had seen. Relief washed through her. Of course he wouldn’t humiliate her like that.

“Get in the fucking car.”

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