Ever been hot for a High Octane jerk?

Ever been hot for a High Octane jerk?

LaVirgenMuralJust like Rosalia, the character in my story “Painted,” I hate it when I find myself attracted to the wrong person.  There’s nothing more annoying than a smug, powerful, authority figure—and, sometimes there’s nothing hotter either.

Justin, the hero of “Painted,” is a jerk, or at least Rosalia thinks he is, because he represents the enemy.  Not only is he her landlord’s nephew, but with his Norse-god good looks, he symbolizes what frightens her—the changes in her Mission District neighborhood from a vibrant Latino center to an increasingly expensive beacon for hipsters, and the likelihood she is about to be priced out of her apartment.  Justin has power and privilege and he’s the last person she should want.  But oh does she ever, especially when she’s painting her mural on the high scaffolding outside his bedroom window and hears him having sex with his girlfriend.

Rosalia may be afraid of heights, but she is a spunky little thing and she can’t resist “accidentally” dropping a paint jar on the satisfied couple from up where her world is spinning on the third floor of the scaffolding.  The girlfriend is indignant.  Justin, however, is amused and embarrassed by his girlfriend’s reaction.  That’s when Rosalia notices his uniform—he’s not some high-finance suit or yuppy lawyer, but a paramedic at the city’s gritty public hospital, right in the heart of the Mission District.  It’s a heroic job and it proves he’s nothing like what she expected.

As Rosalia’s assumptions about Justin unravel one at a time, she discovers only he can help her face her fears about being up on that scaffolding, and about her future.

Have you ever had an unwanted crush on an arrogant boss, a smug professor, or a cocky landlord?  And have you ever had the pleasure of finding your assumptions were wrong, and the sexy jerk wasn’t a jerk at all?  Do tell!

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Leah Ridgewood has written a dozen paranormal, contemporary and erotic novels and novellas under various pen names.  But she only lets the naughtiest parts of her imagination out to play when she’s signing Leah’s name to the story.  No matter what genre she’s writing, she’s convinced she became a storyteller in bed, as she lay awake imagining how her most improbable fantasies could come true. Her stories are kinky, and sometimes dark, but they always include a fascinating city, quirky characters and unexpected love. In addition to “Painted” she has three novellas available on Amazon for Kindle. You can find her online here: Amazon | Website | Twitter

2 thoughts on “Ever been hot for a High Octane jerk?

  1. Nope! Assumed my first husband was a gentle, caring, sensitive individual. My assumptions left skid marks. 🙂

    Thanks for the excerpt of “Painted”, Leah. Can’t wait to read it.

  2. Judy, loved that comment (above). Skid marks. That needs to go in a dialogue somewhere.

    I’m liking all these posts and having great fun connecting. I love writing jerks. Sometimes they’re redeemable and sometimes not.

    Love the scene about the paint can. So what I might have done if I didn’t have to live with my family…lol.

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