New Contest and Trading Cards!

New Contest and Trading Cards!

High Octane Heroes will be here before you know it, and the authors who wrote the wonderful stories are all eager for you to get to know them! Since I love seeing readers clamor around a new collection, I look for things to do that are fun so you keep coming back again and again!

So let’s start with what might help you keep up with what we’re doing…

1) Subscribe to this blog. See the note in the left side of this page that says, “Subscribe to Blog Via Email?” Every time we post a new contest or fun blog post, it will go straight to your inbox so you don’t miss it!

2) Go “Like” our Facebook fan page. We’ll be talking about those high-octane heroes and posting pics—having fun! Don’t miss out!

But right now you want to know about the contest, right? It’s simple. Leave a comment here on any post from now until the contest ends, and you’re entered to win an gift certificate for $20. It’s a bribe, yes. But now, maybe you’ll go back and sign up for the emailed blog and go like our FB page, because you have just one more reason why you should hang with us. 🙂

The contest ends July 31st! At which time, things will really be heating up here and we’ll have tons more cool news.

And what are those pics below? Our new trading cards! If you’d like one for yourself—and more for your friends or your book club—just email me at! I’d be glad to put them into the mail!


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23 thoughts on “New Contest and Trading Cards!

  1. Love the trading cards of super sexy men! This book also sounds amazing 😉 Thank you!!!

  2. Ooh… looking forward to MORE, Delilah! This is going to be a great collection!

  3. 😀 High Octane Heros sounds like a great series and I can’t wait!

    Thanks fo the contest. 🙂

  4. Can’t wait for this collection to come out! There are several favorite authors in it plus some new to me authors stories I’m looking forward to reading. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. I’m glad you’re eager for this one! I am too. I received Smokin’ Hot’s antho in the mail yesterday–can’t wait to be able to say that about High Octane!

  5. High Octane Heros sounds like a great series and I can’t wait! I love the trading cards. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. You’re very welcome, Becky! I wanted to make sure people came here to check the new website out. We’ll have some fun here in the coming months! Be sure to send me an email with your mailing address and I’ll send you some cards!

  6. I already subscribed to the blog, but I did go to FB and Liked the fan page. Can’t go wrong with such great authors in one book!

  7. Looks like this is going to be another of your fantastic reads! I already subscribe to the blog but I don’t FB (sorry). Thanks for the contest and good luck on the release!

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