Cynthia D’Alba: Something’s Burning

Cynthia D’Alba: Something’s Burning

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Smokin Hot FiremenFiremen are truly heroes in every sense of the word. Sure, they might save your personal property from burning or get your cat down from the tree. However, in their every day activities, they might also risk their own lives to save another. My brother-in-law is a Lieutenant with a large county fire department. He’s been one of those guys who rush into a burning house when others are rushing out. He’s one of those men who risks his life, and almost lost his life in burning buildings. But he loves what he does.

Today, the whole country mourns with Arizona over the loss of nineteen brave, heroic hotshot firefighters who lost their lives doing their jobs, fighting a raging fire.

Our anthology is a salute to these wonderful men and women who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.

When I saw Delilah’s call for this collection of firemen stories, I hesitated. I’m not known for writing “hot” stories. But because of my love for true every day heroes, I gave it a shot. I was seriously stoked when SOMETHING’S BURNING got selected!

Here’s a little taste from my story…

From “Something’s Burning” by Cynthia D’Alba

Through the burned opening in the fence, Ronan eyed his grill-challenged neighbor holding a small kitchen pitcher. She wore a short, pink silk kimono that barely covered her crotch. Long, wet hair dripped down both sides of the robe, plastering the damp material to her full, lush body. When she turned to shush her barking dog, he got a nice view of the robe cupping the globes of her rear and an erect nipple saluting him through the now-almost-transparent material. His cock sat up and took notice of her bodacious body. He adjusted the crotch of his cargo shorts.

Throughout the twenty minutes involved for his guys to extinguish the fire and complete the fire report, his neighbor kept tugging at the robe as though pulling the edges closer would somehow maintain her modesty. Instead, each tug hiked up the hem a fraction of an inch. A few more and they’d all know if she was a natural blonde or not.


Bree looked at her grill lying in the mud by the fence. Its legs collapsed, wet coals spilled in the black, burned grass next to the remnants of the fence. Now that the guys were gone, she had to admit to being embarrassed—first, she’d started a fire that burned down a fire lieutenant’s fence. Then she’d stood outside with a group of firemen in a short robe that stuck to her wet body like a second skin. She could have been naked and the men would have seen her body just as well.

“I hope you have insurance,” a deep male voice said.

Her gaze jumped up from the mess in the grass into the angry grey eyes of her hunky neighbor. Not the way she’d planned on meeting him, but…

“I am so sorry,” she said.

“I’m sure,” he said.

At the harsh tone in his voice, she flinched. “Really. I am so sorry. I never dreamed something like that could happen. I thought I was being careful to get the hot coals away from my house.”

He arched an eyebrow. “So you’d only burn down your neighbor’s place?”

Heat flushed her cheeks. “I didn’t mean to burn down your fence,” she said defensively. When he didn’t reply, she added, “I’ll make it up to you.”

“Do you have insurance?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Then it’ll replace the fence, but that’s not the current problem.”


“My dinner is now overcooked and ruined.”

She cringed. “Please, let me do something to make up for this mess.”

“Really? You want to make this up to me?”

“Oh yes. Please. Nothing would make me happier.”

“Fine. You can replace my dinner. Tomorrow night. You cook at my house—wearing exactly what you have on right now.”

Bree’s heart skipped a beat. Her pussy throbbed. Arousal trickled down her thighs. “But…”

He gave a careless shrug and turned to leave. “So you weren’t serious about making it up to me?” He took one step.

“Wait.” Could this be happening? “It’s just that…”

He turned and gave her that damned arched eyebrow again. “Take it or leave it, honey. Makes no difference to me.”


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20 thoughts on “Cynthia D’Alba: Something’s Burning

  1. It takes a special kind of soul to become a firefighter and risk their life to protect others and their property.

  2. I loved that juxtaposition between the grill-challenged woman (who perseveres in her pursuit of the talent) and the fire lieutenant who watches the fruitless attempts which result in take-out meals. Great story, good luck with the release!

  3. Why Cynthia….
    I didn’t know that you could write that way…
    Way Smokin!

    Can’t wait to read the rest of the story.

    Amy Fendley

  4. Great excerpt! This book sounds like a very hot exciting read. I’m looking forward to reading this one.

  5. Thanks for the peek, Cynthia! Can’t wait to read your contribution to this collection!

  6. Thanks so much for the prize! This was a great collection of stories and I enjoyed reading all of them!

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