The Firefighter’s Appeal

The Firefighter’s Appeal

What is it about firefighters that leaves so many people hot and bothered?

I’ve often wondered about this attraction, and since reading Delilah’s original call for submissions for the Smokin’ Hot Firemen anthology, the question has really been on my mind.

Without a doubt, firefighters are iconic symbols of heroism and bravery… but police officers, soldiers, and other dedicated individuals in life-endangering roles are no less courageous or daring. By their own rights, the men and women in these careers are attractive and admirable figures, and I’m sure they factor into a number of people’s personal fantasies, but firefighters seem to stand apart in terms of the steamy fantasies they inspire.  Why is that?

I believe the appeal varies for each individual, but there seem to be a few universal traits that these professionals share that really stoke their admirers’ inner fires. First and foremost, firefighters are physically fit, which is definitely part of their appeal. These men and women are strong and self-disciplined. Their strength is complimented by their courage. They usually command take charge attitudes, but also have compassionate, gentle sides which serve them well when they’re calming frightened people or animals during high-stress situations. They’re committed to their calling and altruistic, as made evident by their willingness to selflessly put themselves at risk and in great physical danger in order to rescue complete strangers.They are protectors, and we are conditioned to instinctively be attracted to ‘mates’ who can defend and care for ourselves and our potential offspring.

In my personal experience, firefighters tend to have very appealing personalities as well. All of the dedicated firemen and firewomen I have had the pleasure of meeting – under both casual and ‘on call’ circumstances –  have been outgoing, friendly, and  confident. They have a ‘take control’ approach to life that I’m sure serves them well in their careers (and certainly serves me well in my fantasizing. ;)The majority of the individuals I’ve met also have delightful, and often wicked, senses of humour. I asked a friend’s partner who works in the field, and he explained that laughter is one of his methods of dealing with the stress that he experiences daily in his call of duty.

In writing my submission for the Smokin’ Hot Firemen anthology, “Fire Hazard“, I drew inspiration from this idea and created a character who uses humor – in the form of a charming laugh and teasing smile – to help calm a flustered and overwhelmed woman caught in a stressful situation.

In this red-hot collection that Delilah has pulled together, I am sure readers will be treated to a variety of different firefighters, from cool and calm professionals to fiery, passionate heroes.

You’ll get more details about my story and all the others next month in the countdown of days leading up to the book’s launch,  and I have to admit, I am just as excited as I’m sure many of you are to read the sizzlin’ stories my fellow writers have come up with!There is something uniquely attractive and arousing about firefighters, and whatever your particular taste or temptation may be, I’m sure you’ll find a story to satisfy it in Smokin’ Hot Firemen. 😉

About the Author:

M. Marie lives in the heart of downtown Toronto and she is both an erotica writer and enthusiast. 🙂

She’s also a huge supporter of the arts – opera, the theatre, fine arts and textile arts, in particular – as well as a big fan of videogames, animation, comics, and writing of course!

As a freelance writer, who has very recently began writing erotica, she is finding the experience challenging, but exciting. It has made her discover new sides to herself, led her to strengthen her personal relationships, and is constantly pushing her to critically examine boundaries she didn’t even realize she had.

Her short stories have been included in a number of collections, including: Girl Fever: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex for Lesbians, Cowboy Lust: Erotic Romance for Women, Smokin’ Hot Firemen: Erotic Romance Stories for Women, Wild Girls Wild Nights: True Lesbian Sex Stories, Wild at Heart, Sugar Sugar (Girls Getting Off), Cream of the Crop – Disciplined Sex, and Under Cover of Darkness.

She is currently penning her first full-length novel.

M. Marie blogs at:

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  1. To me firefighters symbol courage which makes them attractive. Add in a physically fit body and it makes them hot. I couldn’t pick which was more attractive: a fireman, police officer, or a military man. They all make my heart race. Thanks for the post!

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