Firemen Love Clean Fun

Firemen Love Clean Fun

We can all agree that firemen are brave. They’re heroes. And, for all our stories in SMOKIN’ HOT FIREMEN, they’re HOT HOT HOT hunks.

They are also the first ones to volunteer when there is money to be raised for a good cause. A couple of days ago,  wrote about Passing the Boot, where firemen can literally stand in the street collecting spare change to raise money for worthy causes. When I lived in Memphis, firemen passing the boot for St. Jude’s Children Hospital was something I always looked forward to!

But those of us who know firemen also know they love a good joke, a good time.

Sometimes the firemen show just because they know that by having a good time they are also supporting their community.

Hot Springs, Arkansas is a small community famous for its hot springs (as my niece would say…duh!). People used to come (and still do come) here to bathe in the hot mineral water that bubbles up. This past Saturday was the Eighth Annual Stueart Pennington Running of the Tubs. This is a “contest” where teams build bathtubs and race them against other teams.

Firemen - Tub racesThis is Hot Springs Fire Department Tub 1
Photo Credit Mandi Gober
The Sentinel Record

As you can see, the tubs are all “man powered.”

And what would any community competition be without some challenge between the stud heroes? Of course we can’t call it “Race Between the Stud Heroes,” so it was named “Battle of the Badges.” Firemen Versus Cops.

cops v firemen tub race Hot Springs FOP Special Water Attach Tub
and I have to note that not all “hunks” are male!
That’s a beautiful woman driving the FOP tub!
Photo Credit: The Sentinel Record

This year, the firemen defeated the police in the Battle of Badge, but never fear. Next year, it’ll happen again. Different tubs. Maybe different teams. But you can bet, the big talk, bragging, and racing will occur again.

So firemen heroes? Oh yeah but in so many different ways than just running into a burning building.

5 thoughts on “Firemen Love Clean Fun

  1. I have never heard of this! However, I have a need to visit Arkansas!!

  2. This event sounds like a lot of fun for participants and attendees alike. Thanks for sharing. I would have loved to have seen this, and then tried those hot springs!


    1. The hot springs water is great to drink too.

      And OF COURSE, if you got into “trouble” in one of those baths, I’m SURE one of these hunky firemen would “help you out.”

      *Fans self*

  3. Our community firemen & policemen give us so much peace of mind & dedication to their jobs to keep our communities safe 365 days of the year. It’s nice to see how they can unwind a little bit & have some fun. Thank you for sharing this!

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