Guest Blogger: Serenity Woods

Guest Blogger: Serenity Woods

White-Hot Christmas


Reviews include:

WhiteHotChristmas Final Cover small“This is a lighthearted, sexy read but a totally enjoyable one.” Recommended Read by Jane from Dear Author

“They have lots of great sex–and it is great sex, Ms. Woods writes passion well… There’s lots of witty banter in this book between many of the characters and some of it is laugh out loud funny. New Zealand is a character in this book and is described so gorgeously I wanted to emigrate tomorrow.” Dabney from Dear Author

“Highly recommended.” The first ever starred review of a digital-first book on Library Journal’s XPress Reviews

“I adore the world Ms. Woods has built here, with real and charismatic characters, and a delightful location…one of the best holiday books I have ever read.” Nominated for Best Book of 2012 by Long and Short Reviews

“An absolutely wonderful romance.” 5 stars and a Recommended Read from Guilty Pleasures

“Definitely a ‘read me’ book!” By Fresh Fiction

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And now for an interview with White-Hot Christmas’s very own Neon Carter.

Welcome to Delilah’s blog, Neon!

Thanks Serenity. I’m very pleased to be here. Although I’ll have to be fairly quick—I have a rugby game in ten minutes.

I’m glad you brought that up. I know you’re a big fan of New Zealand’s number one sport. Merle goes to watch you at a game in the book, doesn’t she?

She does indeed. I think she enjoyed it, especially the haka at the beginning.

What girl wouldn’t enjoy watching fifteen hulking men performing that sexy, war-like challenge! *fans self*

Now, now. You’re being very sexist. Most Kiwi women don’t watch rugby just to see the guys’ legs.

Yeah right. So you’re telling me that Sonny Bill Williams stripping off his top during the World Cup didn’t have most girls swooning?

Ah… okay. Perhaps you’re right. I’m not complaining though! Merle certainly didn’t seem put off by my performance.

I know why you’re smiling. That was a very hot scene!

Why thank you. She’s a very hot girl!

SerenityWoods MediaphotoTell me what drew you to her in the first place.

Her eyes. Very expressive.

Her eyes. Now I know you’re kidding me.

I’m being polite. She’s got a cracking figure. When I first saw her on the beach, I fell off my surfboard.

I remember! That was so funny. And sweet too. I think she would have done the same if it was the other way around. She certainly seemed captivated by you when you were working out at home.

I know… Funny what girls like. I was all hot and sweaty!

Hmm… *fans self again*

Oh, for God’s sake… You look like how Bridget Jones looks when she interviews Colin Firth.

Sorry. Neon, tell me a bit about your job. Do you enjoy being a firefighter?

I love it. It’s a fantastic job. Hard work though, sometimes.

Yes, that scene where you’re trying to rescue the little boy is a real choker. I felt sorry for Merle, and for your mum. You really put them through it that night.

That wasn’t my intention. Put myself through it as well. That wasn’t an easy one to deal with.

I know. I had tears rolling down my face. Do you think of yourself as an old-fashioned hero? Because that’s how I see you, and it’s certainly how Merle sees you.

I’m blushing now. I’m just an ordinary guy. Merle’s easily pleased.

I know, I’ve read the book.

Serenity! Honestly. Do we have no secrets?

Not a lot, no. Neon, tell me… Are you related to Dan Carter?

There are a lot of Carters in New Zealand, Serenity. Your eyes have gone glazed, do you know that?

Sorry, I just wondered. Now, the last thing I want to ask is… Why do you hate your real name so much?

Who told you about my real name?

I can’t remember, Napoleon.

You realize I’m going to have to kill you now?

This is a romance, honey, not a thriller! Time’s up, Merle’s here to collect you. One more thing… Before you go, can I touch your tattoo?

Nope, he’s gone. Well there you have it. The one and only Neon Carter, surfer, firefighter and rugby player. Every girl’s dream hero!

Serenity x

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