Guest Blogger: Elise Logan (Contest)

Guest Blogger: Elise Logan (Contest)

The Evolution of Seth Ripley

The idea for Seth Ripley came to me first. Okay, actually what showed up in my mind’s eye first was a scorching hot blow job scene. Seth, as a character, was fairly well-formed. I knew he was a fire fighter, I even knew some of his back-story. He came to being a fire fighter later in life, inspired to change careers by the events of 9-11. His family didn’t understand, and certainly his (now ex) wife didn’t understand.

This is Seth. Well over six feet of muscled, slightly smokey, first responder hotness.

med TF cover

So I knew about Seth. I didn’t know about his lady. After a little poking at the heroine, the lovely Eden Thomas, she started to reveal some interesting things. She’s smart and driven, so much so that she’s put everything but her career on hold. She became a trauma surgeon after a childhood injury. And her best friend is a huge part of her life.

When Emily and I started writing their story, it became very clear that Eden’s best friend, Ryan, was going to be a problem. Not because he’s a bad guy, but just because he is a guy. A hot guy. Who happens to be a fellow fire fighter. Oops.

I think first responder stories, in general, start with an advantage. You already know something about the character. You know they want to serve, and you know they’ve got guts and courage. But not all first responders are alike, and fleshing out those differences is what makes stories interesting. I particularly enjoy the process of figuring out who they are outside of work, and putting that in context with other characters. Those interactions say so much about us as individuals.

In any case, we had a lot of fun writing Seth and Eden’s story, and we really hope you enjoy reading their story as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Enough of that. Let’s get down to the good stuff. Contest. It’s super easy. Tell me in the comments what you like about first responders. What draws you to them as characters? I’ll assign everyone numbers, put the numbers in a random number generator (or maybe my daughter’s lego bin), and pick a winner. What do you win, you ask? Good question. Your choice, in whatever format you choose, from my currently available books.

This Fire (Amazon, BN, Smashwords) and More than a Man (A BN S) are both co-written with Emily Ryan-Davis.

Twice as High (A BN S)

Trusting Destiny (A BN S)

By the Shorts (A BN S) includes the short stories Dining In (A BN S), Getting Personal (A S), Small Packages, and Tyl Dark.

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11 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Elise Logan (Contest)

  1. They put their lives on the line every day to help victims of tragedy!!! I applaud them!!!


  3. I think that combination of courage, physical prowess and mental acuity is what attracts me to them. Thanks for the giveaway and for sharing your yummy cover and description.

  4. You’re right, it’s a super easy answer. They have the courage to put their lives on the line every day so that others are safe. Nothing is hotter than that.

    1. Oh, and my choice would be This Fire…. Love your description on the making of the characters. : )

  5. What I like most about first responders is they are such men! To explain that statement…they are manly men in great physical shape, they have a sense of self that radiates from them, and most importantly they do what needs to be done without thinking of themselves. Not all males are “men”. Some are little boys in the grown male body. But, first responders are such MEN!!

    I loved the opening of your post with the second line being a blow job scene. Lol! sounds like a great book!! Thanks for sharing:)

  6. At one time in my life, I was an EMT. Most of the time we did transfers but, one time we had a woman in labor. We got her to the hospital in time as she wound up having surgery. It was exciting.

    Thus, I do find first responders to be interesting, knowing they have a rush getting to where they are going and doing their job.

  7. More Than a Man- really made interested after the blurb. This perfect man turns out to think for himself and cares out his duty better than expected. Gee, I wish I could get one myself.

  8. I spent six years working in an emergency room in a regional trauma center. I worked with first responders day in and day out. I loved them! They are truly genuine people, they care about others and would give the shirt off their back if you needed it. They are willing and more than able to get the job done. I found them to be fun loving, strong (both physically and in spirit), dedicated and caring. Everything I love in a man! Thanks for the contest!

  9. They live out courage, Elise–many of us believe we’d be brave in the face of emergencies, but don’t have to test that. First responders often have to demonstrate that courage. True heroism.

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