Snapshot #3: Michael Bracken’s “Drought”

Snapshot #3: Michael Bracken’s “Drought”

Michael is the lone male writer in the collection. Who says only women can write a great romance? The moment I began reading Michael’s story, I knew I wanted it in this collection. She’s the new Yankee schoolteacher, he’s the local hot cowboy. It’s a familiar trope and probably the most traditional story of the book, but I chose it because of how well-written and realistic the story was. Take a peek!

After a wealthy rancher rescues the town’s new schoolteacher, he puts an end to her sexual drought

Someone dimmed the barn lights as the band began the only slow song of the evening. Cade pulled me into his strong arms, flattening my breasts against his chest. One big hand on the small of my back pulled me against him, and I quickly realized his belt buckle wasn’t the only big thing trapped between us.

I looked up into his eyes, and wet my lips with the tip of my tongue. Cade caught the hint and leaned down until his lips reached mine. We kissed as we danced, oblivious to the fact there were several dozen people on the dance floor with us and several hundred still milling about the barn. By the time the song ended, we weren’t actually dancing anymore, just standing in the middle of the dirt dance floor with our tongues in each other’s mouths.

When the lights came up, we quickly disengaged. Huskily, Cade said, “I need to get you home.”

“The sooner the better,” I said, my voice just as thick.

More about Michael Bracken

Michael Bracken, an award-winning writer of fiction, non-fiction, and advertising copy, is the author of almost nine hundred short stories, several of which have appeared in Cleis Press anthologies.

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  1. Short, but still seems very interesting…very good reading is what this book has in store!!!

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