Under the Southern Cross

Under the Southern Cross

G’Day, I’m Cheyenne Blue, and I’m extremely proud to have my story “Under the Southern Cross” included in “Cowboy Lust”.

My story was born from a long ago conversation with a barkeep in a dusty Arizona bar who told me a tall tale about her time on an outback station in Western Australia. I took the barkeep’s tale with a sack of salt, but elements of it remained rattling around my head.  “Under the Southern Cross” is not the tale I heard in that Arizona bar, but the seeds of it are there. It’s the story of an American who inadvertently witnesses a drug deal gone wrong.  The FBI send her to a cattle station in Western Australia to keep her safe until the trial. However Sam, our heroine, isn’t going to cower away and keep out of trouble. She sets her sights on Jake, a Jackaroo who is working at the station for a few weeks. Jake could be just the person to keep Sam entertained!

Here’s an excerpt:

 Jake tossed the swag down under a gum tree. When next I looked, he was buck naked pouring a billy of water over his head. The liquid sluiced in rivulets down his back, winding through the dust to his firm, rounded buttocks.

I stood in the late afternoon sun looking… okay, admiring his body. For such a solid man he carried no surplus weight, and his bulky thighs and arms attested to physical work. He looked right in this environment, totally unselfconscious, as if the rugged landscape were somehow an extension of him.

Jake swung around and gave me a view of his chest and cock, which was as mouthwateringly solid and strong as the rest of him. He toweled carelessly with his discarded tee shirt before stepping back into his jeans. He caught me staring and grinned, shameless and smug.

I swatted a mosquito which buzzed irritatingly in my ear.  “Do you always go commando?”

“Nope. Too uncomfortable most of the time. But I’ll be right for a while.” He hoisted the billy. “You want a wash? I’ll pour.”

I hesitated. There was an intimacy involved that made me hesitate. It moved our relationship more than a single step; it pushed it to a familiarity I’d never attained with any other lover.


“Not of you. More of what’s going to bite me.”

“You’re making enough noise to scare off the snakes. As long as you stay out of the bull ants’ nest, you’ll be fine.”

I was sweaty and dirty. Without stopping to consider further, I stripped off my clothes and marched over to Jake.

Cheyenne Blue has lived in the United States, Ireland, the UK, and Switzerland, but she still calls Australia home and her writing often reflects this. Her erotica has appeared in over 70 anthologies, including Best Women’s Erotica, Mammoth Best New Erotica, Lesbian Cowboys and With This Ring, I Thee Bed. She currently lives in Queensland, Australia. Visit her website at http://www.cheyenneblue.com.

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