3 Days… Sail into RED HORIZON

3 Days… Sail into RED HORIZON

Red Horizon—Sailing the seas, a modern day vampirate is seduced by her human captain

I remember reading this story, thinking how different it was and what an adventure! A yacht filled with vampire pirates, all female? A human at the helm? The idea of it had me reading past the first page. The sensuality completely blew me away. ~DD

Here, Captain Jayne’s gotten herself into a spot of trouble…

Climbing through a gap in the wire fence, she slid inside the theater, and mounting the high stone steps found a row she liked. Laying down on a wide stone bench, she lay with her hands under her head, staring at the stars that guided her as she sailed all over the deep blue sea. She again let her thoughts drift to Eleni, and what her hands would feel like as they reached her most sacred places.

She sat up with a start, looking for the source of the footsteps she was sure she heard. No one was there, and suddenly she realized how foolish it was to be alone in a place without lights, especially since she knew the kind of ghoulies that prowled the night.

“Well, hello,” said the woman at the bottom of the stairs, her long blonde hair floating in wind-swept strands around her face, even though there was no breeze. “Why is a lovely creature like you here all alone?”

“Hi. I’m not. Alone, I mean. My friend…”

“Just left. And in rather a hurry, it seems. Sadly, I don’t believe she’ll be reaching her destination, since my friends decided she would be delightful company this evening.”

Jayne winced, thinking of the somewhat sexy butch as some vampire’s snack. “Oh, I didn’t mean her. I meant my other friend…”

“Your vampire friend, you mean? No, she left as well. And rather angry, I think, as she didn’t even bother to notice me as she left you and your paramour to enjoy one another. No, amor, you are alone. And you are going to be fine company for me tonight.”

With a flourish, and barely a movement, the woman was suddenly beside her, bending over her, the low-cut dress showing ample cleavage. “I know you need me. You need release, don’t you, bonita? You need someone to make you feel special? You are broadcasting your desire and hunger so that anyone can hear it. I can take care of your need, and so much more. Make this easy, sweet girl, and I promise to send you back to your vampire in the morning.”

Her hand was like soft marble as it caressed Jayne’s cheek and slid over her neck, the blood red nails lightly grazing a trail over her collar bone. Her eyes glowed an unearthly green, the pupils a strange maroon color.

Jayne whimpered quietly, knowing from her time among them that fighting would only lead to a miserable death, while playing nice might let her keep her life, if not her sanity.

Eleni, she screamed in her head as the woman’s mouth came down on her own, crushing her lips as the woman’s tongue slid into her mouth and a rough hand clasped her breast, fingers pinching her nipple into a hard bud. Her t-shirt ripped down the front as the woman slowly tore it away.

“If you were my human, I would have marked you. You’re simply divine. Such beautiful breasts,” she said, cupping a breast in each hand and squeezing Jayne’s nipples before lowering her mouth to take one between sharp teeth. “And such perfect white skin. I can hear your heart pounding for me. I can smell your desire.”

She whispered the words almost reverently, and Jayne wanted her to keep going, to put out the heat between her legs, to suck her nipples and make her cry out. Deep within, she knew these thoughts weren’t her own, but it didn’t matter. She needed.

She nearly screamed when the woman vanished from above her, and could only curl into a fetal position as the intense desire, the unquenchable need to be deeply fucked rocked her to her soul. Managing to raise her head from the stone bench, she saw Eleni facing the woman, both in a predatory stance, the blonde hissing as Eleni crouched in front of Jayne protectively.

“It’s rude to mess with someone else’s human,” Eleni said quietly, her Greek accent thicker in the midst of danger.

“You haven’t marked her. She was alone. She’s mine for the night.”

“You could smell me on her. There’s no way you can deny that.”

“You? I can smell at least seven others on her as well. That suggests to me that she’s open game, and tonight, she’s my game. Move.”

Jayne whimpered again as the flood of desire swept through her in wave after wave, crushing her beneath its heat. She didn’t care that they were arguing over her as if she were a coveted toy, just so long as someone fucked her senseless. Soon.

Victoria Oldham lives in England with her partner of more than seven years. She has published erotica in various anthologies, and is currently an editor for Bold Strokes Books, as well as a freelance writer with more than sixty published articles.

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  1. I love the idea of vampire pirates.
    This was a great excerpt.Will Elena get them out of trouble.Can’t wait to read the rest.

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