4 Days… Wanna Ride?

4 Days… Wanna Ride?

It’s funny how a taxi ride can shift your perceptions.

I used to love vampires. Years ago when I was younger, I watched the TV show Dark Shadows (US version with Ben Cross GUH!). It wasn’t the first time I associated sex with vampires, but it was certainly the first time I “got it”. It was the danger that attracted me as a viewer and kept me turning in. However, the show got cancelled, and vamps changed in the media.

Over the years, they’d lost their appeal to me.

Flash-forward a few years and I’m standing at the Cleveland airport waiting for a taxi to take me to a convention. I end up sharing a ride with Delilah, who I hadn’t seen for a while. She begins to tell me about this amazing anthology she’s pulling together—lesbian vampires.


I should submit something.

But…I don’t write vampires.

Delilah smiled and we continued on with our conversation. Of course it was too late for me at that point. Ideas started bubbling to the surface. I thought back to the days of Dark Shadows and the elements that I loved about that show. The power struggle in the relationship, the need to control the darkness that lurks below the vampire’s surface. These were things that I wanted to explore.

The result was Bound Lust.

What would happen if a vampire was a submissive? What kind of human would it take to keep a hold on a creature that fought daily with her inner demons? The result comes in the forms of Maili and Lana. Apparently I do write vampires. 🙂


Bound Lust

© Christine d’Abo 2011

Lana’s snort accompanied her relaxed grip on Maili’s wrist. “You’re a vampire. What were you scared of?”

Hurting you. “Losing control.”

“You know better. When you’re with me you don’t have to worry about that. I take care of you.”

“But I—”

“No more. No talking.”

Maili snapped her mouth shut. Her lips couldn’t contain her vampire overbite and her teeth cut into the sensitive flesh of her lips.

“Don’t you dare move.” Lana shifted her foot to the floor, but kept Maili’s arms high. “This is the worst place for a scene, but you haven’t left me any other choice. I’m going to have to improvise.”

The metal of the handcuffs was surprisingly warm when Lana snapped the rings around her wrists. They must have been in a pocket, up against Lana’s body. Maili fought the urge to squirm as her pussy grew damp from the unexpected arousal. Even if the bloodlust hadn’t been upon her, just being this close to her domme was enough to make Maili’s body sing. It had been a long time since Lana had let her come, even longer ago than the last time Maili had fed. She would need both tonight if she was going to keep from turning into the very thing she’d feared becoming for over a century.

Maili didn’t fight her mistress as her hands were secured and her boots were pulled from her feet. Lana was an expert at controlling Maili’s needs, almost psychic. She didn’t stop Lana when she rolled her onto her side, giving her access to the fly of her jeans.


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  1. Christine–

    Started reading my copy of GIRLS WHO BITE last night and look forward to reading your story. Like you, I didn’t write vampires. I’d never written a story with lesbian characters. I’d never written a short story, either. Wasn’t this challenge a blast?


  2. ugh..I agree with Tammy..what a place to stop 😉 Such a tease.
    Can’t wait to read the rest.

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