5 Days…The Crystal Altar by Adele Dubois

5 Days…The Crystal Altar by Adele Dubois

An ancient crystalline cavern becomes the setting for a most unusual birthday party…

An original steamy short. Available now in the GIRLS WHO BITE lesbian vampire erotica anthology from Cleis Press. Edited by Delilah Devlin.

©Adele Dubois 2011


“Only your cousin would celebrate her birthday in a creepy place like this cave.” Rosa scrunched up her nose.

Morgan tried not to smile, since Rosa was being serious. If she only knew how cute she looked when she made that face, she might never do it again.

Rosa hated the dark and anything remotely otherworldly. She refused to watch fantasy or horror movies and detested Halloween. Rosa liked musicals, TV cooking shows, and Christmas. She’d come to Angela’s birthday party strictly under protest. Morgan had mollified her with a picnic she had prepared. Rosa worked as the chef at the restaurant Morgan managed and rarely got a break from food preparation.

It seemed the novelty had worn off.

“The caves are historic.” Morgan tried reasoning. “Natural wonders. People travel from all over the world to visit and they’re right in our backyard. We’ll see formations like calcite crystal walls, flowstones, and dripstones millennia old.”

Rosa stopped folding the blanket and set her mouth in a grim line. Her nostrils flared. “I’d rather wait in the car. You go. She’s your cousin. And a freak, if you ask me.”

Morgan couldn’t argue there. Her cousin Angela had turned a whole new kind of weird since her trip to Europe. She’d left eastern Pennsylvania a skinny geek in glasses that nobody wanted to hang with. She’d returned a curvy Goth with facial piercings, night vision, and an entourage of beautiful women who’d moved into the Lancaster home she shared with her father. 

Angela had explained that laser eye surgery in Eastern Europe was light years ahead of procedures in the United States. Her new look was the work of some chick she’d met on the road named Lillith. The transformation, she claimed, had made her popular. Angela seemed perfectly happy.

Which was more than Morgan could say at the moment.

“I know she’s odd, but she’s family and it’s her birthday. What else could I do?” Morgan took the blanket from Rosa’s hands and laid it on the grass beneath the cover of an old weeping willow. Rosa followed inside the natural umbrella of leaves and slender branches.

“Let’s not argue, okay?” Morgan pleaded. “We have at least an hour before the others arrive. We haven’t been alone all day.” She hoped her voice sounded husky and sexy and not as desperate as she felt. 

Secretly, she worried they were headed for bed death. Rosa had become more distant and less interested in sex than she had during their first six months together. Morgan had plenty of platonic friendships and the last thing she wanted was for Rosa to drift into that category. She loved her and wanted her as much now as she had in the beginning.

Morgan lay down on her back and reached up from the blanket for Rosa. “Come here.”

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