Cover Reveal for Secret Identities! (Contest)

Cover Reveal for Secret Identities! (Contest)

UPATE: The winner is…Debra S!

At last, we have a cover and a description of all the stories inside this volume. We also have a release date—July 30th! Today, we have one pre-order link, but other links are coming soon. As with all the Boys Behaving Badly anthologies, this juicy book will sell for just $0.99. Our intent is not to make money but to entice you into reading our stories. By reaching as many people as we can, we hope you’ll find authors whose work you have to see more of! As always, this anthology has something for everyone in a variety of genres—contemporary, historical, Sci-Fi, paranormal, gay, and suspense.

So, be sure to pre-order your copy, and if you haven’t already, subscribe to this blog (see the top of the right-hand column) so that you don’t miss anything. Very soon, we’ll begin introducing you to the authors and running some fun contests! If you subscribe, you’ll know when to pop in! And see the contest below!

Secret Identities

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Inside this volume, you’ll find stories by some of the hottest romance writers out there for readers who crave mysterious, enigmatic men and women who may not be who they claim to be. Whatever their secrets, intrigue and passion follow…

The stories…

Secret Garden by A.J. Harris – Hired by werewolf matriarchs to track down a bad-boy photographer, a private investigator discovers a deep connection with her past—and a secret garden of unspoken, sensual pleasures

What That Alien D Do by Ava Cuvay – A cosplayer at a popular Sci-Fi convention stalks her favorite MyFans content creator only to discover his alien “prosthetic enhancements” are real

Masquerade by Brent Archer – After accepting an invitation to a masquerade, a coffeeshop owner finds himself on the run from a mafia hitman with a handsome harlequin

Claimed by her Naga Bodyguard by Cameron Allie – Escaping her dorm for a night of fun with friends takes a turn for a witch-in-training when demons attack, and a mysterious creature comes to her rescue

Mayday by Cindy Tanner – A miscommunication isn’t the end of the world—unless it is the end of the world—and your “ride or die” might just be undead

Matsuri by D.S. Dehel – An American woman searching in Japan for the man haunting her dreams is chased by a wily kitsune into a magical place where she meets a samurai warrior

Most Wanted by Darah Lace – A bounty on the line, a hunter who bedded then betrayed her, and a strip club—she’ll bare it all to get her man

Heartthrob by Delilah Devlin – Determined to recast his image from heartthrob to action hero, an actor hires on incognito with an Oklahoma ranch whose owner is trying to stay out of foreclosure

Sex, Spies, and Subterfuge by Elle James – Scottish UK SAS Agent on an undercover weekend assignment tangles with a beautiful Russian seductress and potential assassin.

Thought You Were the One by Gabbi Grey – He’s in for a surprise twist when he seeks a second chance to win the attention of his handsome, unrequited, high school crush

Baby, Take My Hand by M. Jayne – After surviving a bullet to the brain, a detective hunting a serial killer is drawn to a mysterious man

Her Heavenly Phantom by Michal Scott – Forced into a marriage of convenience neither wants, a mild-mannered banker with an intriguing secret discovers his reluctant bride has a secret, too

Perfect Stranger by N. J. Walters – An undercover DEA agent must keep his identity secret from the woman he’s falling for, a woman he’s also investigating

In the Dark by Reina Torres – During a blackout, an undercover NSA agent falls hard and fast for the military guy living across the hall with secrets of his own


For a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card, tell me whether you’ve read a Boys Behaving Badly Anthology before!

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  1. Yes I read some &c]

    Yes I read some and can’t wait to read this one too.

  2. I actually have all but one of them. Don’t know how I missed that one. Will have to fix that as I enjoy all the stories I’ve read in them so far.

  3. yes , I think I have read every one that you have put together and has come out. I may have missed one or two. I love them

  4. I have read some of them. I think I have one in my Kindle that I haven’t had time to read. I tend to use the books as a break from my normal reading like a palate cleanser and I haven’t needed that lately.

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    The winner of the gift card is…Debra S!

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