In One Picture: Reina Torres’ “Sarge in Charge” (Contest)

In One Picture: Reina Torres’ “Sarge in Charge” (Contest)

UPDATE: The winner is…Argrenia Collins!

Sarge in Charge by Reina Torres 

When lowlifes threaten the curvy bar owner in his Arizona town, the president of the Broken Arrow MC proves he’s the sarge in charge.

I love small bars. Out of the way. Tucked away. On the outskirts of town.

The types of places where the staff know you. Sometimes that means they know you well enough to leave you alone when that’s your mood.

Sarge in Charge is based around that idea. A local bar in a remote Arizona desert town. A single woman as an owner, determined to make her place in the world and a growing Motorcycle Club created by Military Veterans as a support line and brotherhood for each other.

Sarge has been trying to ignore his interest in the lovely bar owner. He wants to protector her and he thinks it’s better to keep a respectable distance… until it becomes impossible for him to do that.

Sure, those lines are in his head, but to a man who struggles to relate to anyone outside of the Broken Arrow MC, those lines are as real as a mine under his foot. These lines are mostly in his heart.

So, this picture that I put together is to give readers a feel for the cozy interior of her bar…

Who knows what might happen in there when you have Sarge in Charge?

A snippet from “Sarge in Charge”…

At first, the look in his eyes scared her. She could see the anger in their depths, but the anger wasn’t for her. She wasn’t sure how she knew, but she did. The seething rage in his eyes was for her.

It took her breath away.

When was the last time someone had felt something about her beyond basic human concern? A smile from a customer to a bartender was great. She was happy to serve others, and she could see a community being built right in front of her when the people of Sulphur Springs came in for a drink and something to eat. And recently, the men of Broken Arrow Motorcycle Club had come in to help.

Help her.

Crazy. It was all so incredibly crazy.

And it was her life!

What did that make Sarge?

The man trying to boss her around.

Trying to take the phone away from her.


The question wasn’t planned. She certainly wasn’t expecting any kind of answer from Sarge. He didn’t seem like the kind of guy to talk all that much. In the time she’d known him, he’d probably said fewer than one hundred words.

But the words he’d said had been important.


And the tone of his voice?



All the things she’d dreamed of in a man, in more than just his voice.

Whenever Sarge was around, her heart pounded in her chest, her breaths were ridiculously shallow, and her skin was hot and tight.

Oh, dear lord… Tamsyn realized that he’d been talking, and she had no idea what he’d just said.

“I…” She couldn’t even manage to speak intelligently. “I’m sorry, I don’t… I didn’t hear what you just said.”

He moved, and she started to back up and put space between them, but she’d forgotten that she was literally up against a wall, and Sarge was around the end of the bar and stepping into her personal space.

He crowded her—leaned in until there was hardly enough room for air between them.

Tamsyn had a feeling that if she breathed, she’d end up closing the distance, so she didn’t. Instead, she held her breath and lifted her eyes to meet his as she struggled to pull herself together.

It was a mistake.

Looking up into his eyes, dark grey, almost black, she found herself gasping for air and her hands reaching out for purchase before she lost herself in the heat of his gaze—and what she found to hold on to was Sarge.

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About the Author

Reina Torres is an author for whom reading was always a way to escape, dream, and travel to different times and places. Writing was a way to discover new adventures and share those stories with others. Reina writes across a number of different romance sub-genres, remembering that those who wander aren’t always lost.


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10 thoughts on “In One Picture: Reina Torres’ “Sarge in Charge” (Contest)

  1. I do like MC stories…but not the really dark, gritty ones.
    The name of a favorite story/book? I enjoy Heather Graham’s Krewe of Hunters series.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. I love MC Romances how wicked and dirty, dark and sexy that will leave you breathless. I’m currently Dark Vow Anthology. I found it at my library bin in Ga…grin. I’m a lucky bitch

  3. I love MC Romances. The darker and dirty is best. Love the sex, but I also love the characters you have to have a good plot. I’m currently reading Dark Vow Anthologies that I found in my local library bin..I’m a lucky girl.

  4. I enjoy them occasionally–Kati Wilde’s Hellfire Riders are my favorite. And I did enjoy Sarge’s story, Reina!

    No need to include me 🙂

  5. I have a love/hate relationship with MC stories. I have read a few I really liked but some of them have just fallen flat for me. I was thinking about it recently that there was a book that I really liked but I never read book two in the series, but I can’t remember the name of the book.

  6. Thanks to Reina for being a great guest of this blog and for being a part of this anthology!

    The winner of her choice of a download of oneof the Boys Behaving Badly books is…Argrenia Collins!

    Congrats, Argrenia! Email me at to let me know which book you’d like to have!

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