Getting to Know Reina Torres (Contest)

Getting to Know Reina Torres (Contest)

UPDATE: The winner is…Jennifer Beyer!

I have a thing for silver. It probably comes from leaning toward the moon over the sun. Silver the metal, over gold. Super-hot mature men? Of course, that fits, right?

Writing all over the romance genre, I use a bee as my logo to give a broader picture to how much of my inspiration is wide and varied using many sub-genres. And Silver Fox is a part of that love. Oh, I’ll write about guys in their late 20s, through to the era of the Silvers. I appreciate the different burn inside of a Silver Fox.

There are parts of their psyche where they are more mature. That sometimes means that they’ve come to a different part of their lives where romance may be a different priority for them. Or maybe they’re just really patient, waiting for ‘the one’ to enter his life?

Sometimes they fight even harder to keep their walls up and when they meet the woman who can pull those walls down, the fight is even more epic.

There’s a different burn in their hearts and souls, those slow-burning fires that can flare up and become a raging inferno. The kind that can melt and reshape metal. What woman wouldn’t want to be held in those arms? Cherished by a man with wisdom and maturity?

The Hero in “Sarge in Charge” is a silver fox and silver soldier! He joins the ranks of two other silver soldiers that I’ve written. Anthony Chastain from my Delta Force Hawaii series (A Hero for Samira) and Alex “Ridge” Ridgely (Guarding Eris).

Then I have other silvers in romance:
Justice for Miranda – Texas Game Warden Trace Carson
Shelter for Viviana – San Antonio Fire Chief Ethan Blaise
Her Rock – Center City Fire Fighter Martin “Rock” Ferris
Winter – Polar Bear Shifter Aaron Winter

For a chance to win a download of one of my “silver” stories, let me know whether you’ve read silver stories before. Do you love them?

About the Author

Reina Torres is an author for whom reading was always a way to escape, dream, and travel to different times and places. Writing was a way to discover new adventures and share those stories with others. Reina writes across a number of different romance sub-genres, remembering that those who wander aren’t always lost.

Her story inside Silver Soldiers: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology was “Sarge in Charge.

When lowlifes threaten the curvy bar owner in his Arizona town, the president of the Broken Arrow MC proves he’s the sarge in charge.

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  1. I love reading about silver stories. Since I’m no longer in my 20’s it’s nice to read about more mature hero’s 😁

  2. I have read silver stories previously to this. I’m looking forward to this Silver Anthology. Silver Foxes are still pretty hot…and I like reading about them & how they can make you swoon. Though…I’m pretty much an equal opportunity reader…I like reading just about all stories. Except when they’re too young to realize what life is really about.

  3. I like silver fox stories. It can be nice to have an established adult as the main male character.

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