Getting to know Sukie Chapin (Contest)

Getting to know Sukie Chapin (Contest)

UPDATE: The winner is…Alison Rush!

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, let’s talk about that time I accidentally kind of wrote Tiger King before Tiger King was a thing.

Nope, you’re not hallucinating, and you definitely read that right.

Years ago, after too many margaritas and on a little bit of a dare, Sanctuary was born. It went something like this:

Friend: Ha! Wouldn’t it be wild to write about crazy cat ladies?

Me: Hell yeah it would! Let’s do it!

Friend: Really? I was kind of joking…

Me: Oh, we’re doing this.

Everyone else: We’ll write about cute little house cats!

Me: Hold my beer.

Sanctuary features a feisty lady, fighting tooth and nail claw to keep her wild cat rescue afloat, a burly, bearded, gentle giant of a man whose past won’t stop kicking him in the gut, and, of course, some awesome big cats. One central theme revolves around the evils of these big cat “zoos” (I use that term about as loosely as…) and the issues surrounding cub petting and canned hunting operations. I won’t get into it here because it’s Christmas and 2020/21 has beat us all up a little, but the whole industry is messed up, and my characters in Sanctuary kept screaming at me to write about it. So I did!

Okay, so it’s not exactly Tiger King, but you get the picture.

I adore the couple in this book, their connection, their drive to make their corner of the world a better place, and the way they support each other. Plus, they’re pretty dang sexy, if I do say so myself!

So, if you loved Tiger King and need a big cat fix, Sanctuary is there for you!

In fact, tell me if you enjoy novels that raise awareness for a specific issue or if you’d rather read something more lighthearted, and one commenter will receive an ebook of Sanctuary!

About the Author

Sukie Chapin has been a military wife, world traveler, almost-groupie, and preschool teacher. Naturally, the next logical step was writing erotic romance. She lives in Texas where she can be found reading, writing, mommying, and making a homemade chocolate pudding that will make you want to slap your mama. Learn more about Sukie here: Sukie Chapin: Books, Biography, Kindle

Her story inside Cowboys: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology was “Thoroughbreds and Thermodynamics

A nerdy vet weathers a snowstorm to help a hot-as-hell rancher deliver a breach foal; save a horse, ride a cowboy, indeed!

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  1. I enjoy reading books with a message (as long as it’s not drummed on and on) but I also enjoy more lighthearted stories. Pretty much if there’s a romance involved, I’ll read it.

    1. Ha! Boy do I ever feel you on “if there’s a romance involved, I’ll read it” because I feel the exact same way! My taste is all over the place, and I absolutely love finding a new gem in a sub-genre that’s new to me! Thank you for the comment!

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