In One Picture: Izzy Archer’s “Something to Talk About” (Contest)

In One Picture: Izzy Archer’s “Something to Talk About” (Contest)

UPDATE: The winner is…ButtonsMom2003!

Something to Talk About by Izzy Archer

When a grad student takes a job as a nanny to two motherless children on a cutting horse ranch, she catches the eye of her sexy boss

My Inspiration…

Driving the picturesque roads in Santa Ynez Valley, California, I often admire the vast beauty of horse pastures and sneak in a chance to rub a velvet nose of a willing horse. My imagination roams to the lives of the gentleman cowboys who work these farms and tend to these noble beasts, bringing the old story question, what if there were a lonesome cowboy waiting for just the right woman…? ~ Izzy Archer

Snippet from “Something to Talk About”…

The booths in the local honky-tonk bar were a tight space to share. Their knees brushed every time one of them shifted. Deacon mumbled what she thought was maybe a pardon or sorry for every time his foot bumped hers under the table, but other than that, he wasn’t talking. Big shock.

“And two shots of Don Julio—blanco,” Kristi said to the server who finally showed up with the beers.

Deacon raised his brows but nodded in agreement.

“Maybe that will get you to talk to me,” she said, arching an eyebrow. “I know about your past, Deacon.” She put her hands over his and this time he didn’t pull away.

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Have you ever worked as a babysitter or a nanny? Do you have a funny or poignant story to tell?

About the Author

Izzy Archer is not a newbie at putting pen to paper but is brand new to sharing her stories. Please check her out at these locations. More to come!

11 thoughts on “In One Picture: Izzy Archer’s “Something to Talk About” (Contest)

  1. I did a lot of baby sitting when I was younger. I still have nightmares about the time a child vomited on me.

  2. I used to babysit my little sister who did NOT want to sleep when she should. I would end up patting her back for an hour to keep her in bed and to get her to sleep 🙂

  3. I can only recall one babysitting job. It was for several weeks in the summer and I was 14. I think there were 3 kids, probably ages 4-6. The only thing I remember is that at least one of the kids had 6 toes on both feet. 😀

  4. I’ve definitely done babysitting but not nannying. And honestly, babysitting is such a challenge, even now after I’ve got my own! The last time I took care of my nephew, I was completely wiped out! I’d forgotten how much effort it could be to keep a little guy entertained! Plus he tossed his cookies (figuratively) in the car, and the subsequent clean up was also quite the challenge!

  5. I used to babysit by that was 59 years ago that I did that for spending money. No funny stories to tell

  6. i babysat only once or twice ( no little one in the are) it was a great aunt with dementia she was reviving her improsonement in one of the concen,tration camps…during one lucid moment she was adamant that i should be able to protect myselft so she told me how others killed their guard in escape attempts….i was kind of traumatized and called my mother to the rescue

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