In One Picture: Jennie Kew’s “Tying the Knot” (Contest)

In One Picture: Jennie Kew’s “Tying the Knot” (Contest)

The winner is…Michelle Shanley!

Tying the Knot by Jennie Kew

A city girl, with a submissive streak a mile wide, falls fast for a dominant, dirty-talking cowboy

I’m Jennie Kew and I write slice-of-life erotic romance fiction. I live in Australia, so 99 percent of my stories are set in Australia too. My contribution to the anthology is Tying The Knot, which is set in Tamworth, New South Wales, which is renowned for hosting the largest country music festival in the southern hemisphere each January. When I saw the photo of the woman with her hands tied and the man with the checkered shirt, my mind immediately said “kinky cowboy/dirty honeymoon” and Tying The Knot was born. If you’d like to see more of my books (including some freebies), you can check out everything on my website:

Snippet from “Tying the Knot”…

Tucking my phone back in my bag, I let my gaze slide from the top of his worn but cared-for Akubra hat, down the front of his checkered cotton shirt, faded blue jeans, sensible belt buckle and polished yet well-used work boots.

Kade is definitely not a wannabe cowboy.

He’s the real deal.

When I drag my gaze back to his, he has one brow cocked, and his grin has bloomed into a full-on panty-melting, making-me-weak-at-the-knees smile.

Holding his hands out to his sides, he says, “Do I pass muster, or would you like me to turn around so you can check out my arse?”

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About the Author

Jennie Kew writes contemporary slice-of-life erotic romance novels and contemporary and paranormal short erotic stories. Her books include The Bennett’s Bastards Series, The Brisbane Bachelors Series, and The Q Collection. She lives in regional New South Wales, a stone’s throw from Australia’s capital, Canberra.


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  1. I think instalust can provide the spark that grows into love, but I’m not sure about instalove.

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