Where Magic Begins: Reina Torres (Contest)

Where Magic Begins: Reina Torres (Contest)

UPDATE: The winner is…Colleen C!

Every year at Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) meetings, someone always asks me about my process. I don’t mind the question, I love talking “shop.” I don’t always have big blocks of time to write…especially when I started publishing. At that time, I was helping to take care of my grandparents, and there was always something to do.

So, I found little bits of time to grab for my own. Up until the “shelter at home” shut down, I would drive my son to work, go and do my workout at the pool, and then go home until it was time to go pick him up again.

That’s where the steering wheel comes in. Waiting in the car.

Whether it was five minutes or a half an hour, I’d pick up my phone and open the Word app. Sometimes, my fat fingers get in the way, and sometimes, it feels like gremlins go into the file and change words after I put them down. (Just like an insidious drunken troll inside my dropbox!)

But it’s a “make it work” moment. If I waited for moments to be “right,” I’d never get anything done and published. The world doesn’t care that I have words to write. So, I have to make the time. It’s not perfect, but it works (mostly) for me. And that is what counts…wordcount.

Now that the Y is open again for pool time, I’m going to be back to writing at the wheel, while I wait for my son after work!

What I’m working on now…

Wild Hearts
Center City First Responders, Book 1

The world that we glimpsed in my story “Far From Over” in the First Response anthology, is back! And Wild Hearts is the first book in the series… the characters from “Far From Over” will have their own book in the series to expand on the short story of the anthology!

Out August 25th! Pre-order here: Wild Hearts

If there’s someone in pain or in need in Center City, these courageous men and women are there to help. Fire, Police, Medical and Dispatch: they’ll be there.

Cole Medical: Dr. Roan Ashley
Precinct 4: Pilar Bravo

What’s wrong with Officer Pilar Bravo can’t be fixed with a band-aid, but Dr. Roan Ashley is ready to do what it takes to heal this amazing woman.

Pilar Bravo moved from San Antonio to Center City not just for the job, but because she needed a new start. Including, time away from her huge and over-attentive family. In Center City, she could focus on her job as a Police Officer and live her life. No one was trying to get too close. No one looking beyond her bright smile and sarcastic comments. She just couldn’t chance getting close to anyone, anymore.

Roan Ashley is the top ER Trauma Doctor at Cole Medical. He’s not just cool under pressure, he’s an iceberg. That all goes out the window when he sees a disturbing trend, the number of times CCPD Officer Pilar Bravo comes in for injuries received on the job. There’s something going on with the beautiful and courageous officer and no matter how many times she tells him to mind his own business, he just keeps trying.

He knows he has to get to the bottom of the issue, or he’s afraid one day she’s going to come into the ER and he won’t be able to help. It’s his job to heal the human body, but what he wants to do is heal her soul.

Pilar can’t ignore the way Roan gets under her skin and her sheets, but when she realizes that the devastatingly handsome doctor is also getting into her heart, is she going to break his?


Tell us a random thing you’ve done in your car while waiting for someone or tell us about your favorite drive-thru!
One commenter will win an ebook!

12 thoughts on “Where Magic Begins: Reina Torres (Contest)

  1. My favorite drive thru is Sonic and my random thing I’ve done while in my car waiting on someone is either read or listen to music. Can’t wait for this series to come out. Thanks for the chance.

    1. you had me at SONIC… we don’t have any here in Hawaii, but when I lived in Las Vegas… we had one right next to my workplace… oh the tots!!

  2. I have doodled on paper… cleaned around the area I am sitting in… and just watched what is going on around me.

  3. I’m usually looking at Facebook on my phone or listening to an audiobook. My favorite drive-thru? Hmm, these days it’s Chick-fil-A because we can’t eat inside yet.

  4. Hmm…my favorite drive-thru is probably Zaxby’s or Chick-Fil-A.

    I always have my kindle with me so I can read whenever/where ever.

    Thanks for the chance.

  5. I remember waiting for my daughter in a twirling lesson while watching an eclipse of the moon. Usually I read

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