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In the Wild by Delilah Devlin
After a charging bison comes between her and her latest skip, a bounty hunter must rely on the survival skills of her park ranger rescuer

Excerpt from “In the Wild”…

The ATV’s motor revved, bringing it closer by the sound behind her. But she didn’t dare glance backward. The bull’s hooves were shaking the ground beneath her feet.

With her lungs and legs burning, she veered right, just as the ATV pulled into the path of the bison.

She peeked behind her again. The buffalo slowed then gave a loud chuffing grunt, trotting now behind the ATV. The ranger slowed, too, coming alongside her and reaching out an arm.

No way could she swing onto the back. She wasn’t particularly graceful, would miss by a mile, and get trampled for her efforts. She waved him away and veered toward the ravine.

Glancing backward, she watched the idiot ranger stop his ATV and begin waving his arms high over his head as he walked backward towards her.

“Get on the ATV,” he said, his voice calm as the buffalo ran several steps forward then made a little circle, which left him a few feet farther away when he halted, still grunting his warnings.

How like a man.

“I’ll take my chances in the ravine,” she snapped. “Besides, that’s where my skip went.”

“Get on the goddamn ATV! I’m trying to rescue your ass.”

“They teach you how to talk like that at ranger school?”

“Jesus Fucking Christ.”

He walked toward her, giving her Remington a hard glare.

She holstered it quickly but backed away, holding out her hands. “We’re good. The bull’s more interested in your Tonka toy than me now.”

Just then, the bull proved her right when he ducked his head and butted against the ATV, flipping it onto its side.

The ranger cursed and turned to look.

The motor sputtered out.

“I’m sure you can push it over again,” she said, trying to sound like she gave a shit. “They make ’em pretty sturdy these days.”

Then the bull backed away, lowered his head and ran at the 4-wheeler again, shoving it over, then sliding it in the mud until it teetered on the edge of the gully.

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  1. no, but my sister was walking our neighbor’s dog once and came face to face with a bobcat… the cat just stared at them… they were able to walk away.

  2. Yes, we were portaging a few years back and a bear visited our camp while we were breaking camp for the next leg of the trip. I never want that experience again.

  3. Other than an abundance or spiders and snakes, not really, though there was one night, when I was young and the family was on a weekend vacation. We went fishing. I remember we had to be careful because there was a cliff-like dropoff nearby. It got dark. We had lanterns, but I never, ever saw blackness that thick. If you moved 1 inch too far from the lantern, there was no light to be seen. I was afraid as we walked back that we would fall down that drop off.

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