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Over the Edge by N.J. Walters
After a bear leaves a corporate lawyer stranded on a cliff ledge, rescue comes from her estranged husband

Snippet from “Over the Edge”…

She could’ve been sipping a margarita on a beach somewhere. But no. She was face-to-face with a bear. Maybe a grizzly. She should have watched more nature shows. Then she’d know whether she should run like hell or back away slowly.

This was all her ex’s fault.

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Have you ever met a bear in the wild? What would you do if that ever that happened to you?
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  1. it hasn’t happened to me thankfully, but the experts say to lay still and it will eventually leave you alone. i would be still cause i would most likely pass out from fear, and they would find my mangled body later or the bear would take one sniff and say nope not my type and walk away lol

  2. I haven’t. I think my life would flash before my eyes if I ever did.

  3. I have not had the chance to see one in the wild. If I did, I would say hello with the upmost respect from a distance away and be sure not to frighten him or her. After all, humans are the most frightening things around that have yet to learn compassion and respect for the wild animals of this planet.

  4. It’s been a long while… when I was young my family did a lot of camping and one of our favorite vacation spots was the Great Smoky Mountains. It was not at all unusual to see bears around the park. We had to be very careful with food and make sure that everything was packed up tight so that the bears couldn’t get into it. They were cute to watch, especially the cubs, but we knew better than to get too close. Some people were just plain idiots and would get out of their cars to watch them and even call to the bears!

  5. I did as a child in Yellowstone and again in a Massachusetts park. We just did not approach them.

  6. It did happen to me, we were on an island stop while portaging, my son was maybe 5 at the time… we had sprays and whistles, my ears hurt just thinking about how hard we were both blowing the whistles… luckily my ex and my brave dog chased it away

  7. Luckily I have not see one although I backpack in the summer months sometimes.
    I think if i seen one I would try to get it a wide berth and go around

  8. I haven’t been so (un)fortunate 😉 I’m not sure whether I’d freeze in panic or run screaming in panic!

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