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Saving Time by Kimberly Dean
When a scientist working on cracking the mystery of time travel falls through a wormhole, a Time Enforcer rushes to save her

Excerpt from “Saving Time”…

Everly reached out blindly for something to break her fall, and her hand clanged against her bench top. What she caught wasn’t substantial. The room spun, and time seemed to slow, but she ended up flat on her butt.

Ow.” The landing wasn’t as hard as it could have been, but she shook her head anyway. She was dizzy and a little nauseous. The room had stopped spinning, but there was a light glaring in her eyes, and the floor felt prickly.


She looked away from the blinding light as she spread her fingers through the… grass?

Her head snapped up so quickly her neck gave a twinge. Bringing up one hand, she shielded her eyes from the blinding light. Was that the sun?

Her heart began pounding so loudly it drowned out everything else in her ears. Colors besieged her. Bright colors everywhere. And scents. The grass, not metallic air. And roses. She looked at a bright bushy plant near her. That was definitely what roses smelled like.

Her stomach knotted. She wasn’t in the lab anymore. Where was she? Suddenly, she realized she was holding something in her hand to shield her eyes. She swallowed hard when she realized what it was.

Maybe the question should be: When was she?

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Do you love time travel stories? If you got the chance, would you travel forward or backward?
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  1. The story sounds interesting, the excerpt picked my curiosity, looking forward to reading it.
    I would travel back to the 800s or to the distant future.

  2. I do love time travel stories. We know what happened in the past, so the future beckons.

  3. I’d go forward in time to when I could travel the universe in a space ship. It won’t happen in my lifetime, but I would go in less than a nano second.

  4. I do enjoy time travel books… I would probably go back in time… visit my grandma.

  5. I really enjoyed Saving Time, Kimberly! I think I’d like either, as long as it wasn’t forever 😉 I’d love to either spend more time with my grandparents or I’d love the chance to see how my kids fare in the future…

  6. I loved the TV show Quantum Leap which was kind of the ultimate time-travel story. Having said that, I’ve only read a couple of time-travel books but I did enjoy them.

    I think I would travel back to the month before my father passed in 1990 so I could spend more time with him and hug him more. (We were not a big hugging family back then.)

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