Reina Torres: Teamwork (Contest)

Reina Torres: Teamwork (Contest)

UPDATE: The winners are…Robin Dunn & Delaine McLafferty!

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One of my favorite things about first responders is teamwork. It takes a fire crew to knock down a fire. It’s not just one man or woman with a hose. Even between the different departments. When I was helping to take care of my grandparents, and we needed assistance for sudden medical issues and called 911, sometimes, it was the firefighters who would come first or the EMTs, but no matter who it was, they jumped in. Watching as the EMTs would step in and take over was almost like a dance.

Information was exchanged, assistance was offered, and they were all in it “together.” I think that’s why I wanted to start my own first responder series. “Far From Over” is a little window into that series and the interplay between the different agencies in Center City.

Each cover will have stripes near the bottom with the names of the characters and their respective agencies.

Green – Cole Medical Center
Blue – Center City PD
Red – Center City FD

I haven’t quite decided on the color I’m going to use for the 911 Operators.


Book 1 – Wild Hearts will release in August of 2020!

Graham is an ER Doctor and Pilar Bravo is the sister of the hero in Justice for Sloane. She moved from San Antonio to Center City for reasons that will be revealed in the book.

“Far From Over” – the story in the First Response anthology would have two red stripes. Both Webb & Gina are firefighters. They hit it off during their time at the Academy but went their separate ways. What happens when the world literally falls on his shoulders?

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How to enter?
Tell me what uniform does your fantasy hero wear?

12 thoughts on “Reina Torres: Teamwork (Contest)

  1. My fantasy hero wears a Marine uniform. I know, not a first responder, but really, isn’t he? Guess it depends on perspective. Although I do love the firemen calendars, but wait. They are usually half out of the uniform on those. 😀 *sigh* Really though, any guy in a well press, tailored uniform is hot! Okay, so it doesn’t need to be tailored. 😀

  2. My hero would wear the uniform of honor, bravery, sacrifice, love, gentleness, he would be tough, soft, thoughtful, caring and an alpha. He would wear his heart on his sleeve for those he loves. With that said I don’t care if he wears blue for law, camo for military, scrubs for medical, yellow for fire, jeans for cowboy or any other color as long as he can be the above on some level.

  3. my hero would wear Law Enforcement either Highway patrol detective or FBI

  4. A computer geek outfit, complete with sci-fi t-shirt, glasses, and a clever brain!

  5. Oooh, love the sounds of this, Reina! Honestly, I’m not picky–I would absolutely be in line to read all those stories and all those heroes and heroines no matter what uniform they wore!

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