Margay Leah Justice: Handcuffs and G-strings (Contest)

Margay Leah Justice: Handcuffs and G-strings (Contest)

UPDATE: The winner is…Pat!

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Hello, my name is Margay Leah Justice, and I am the author of Sloane Wolf, a paranormal romance, and Strip Me, an MM romance that was the winner of the Hot Books, Cold Nights contest and was published by Pocket Books, but I have been writing since I can remember. I always carried a notebook and pen with me, wherever I went, just in case inspiration hit me. As for my entry into this First Responders anthology, that inspiration basically came from the call itself. I like to be challenged, I always wanted to write a story about hot cops, and I still have a fondness for the environment I created (aka, The Executive Suite) in Strip Me, so somehow, from all that came my entry in the anthology called “Handcuffs and G-strings.” But in writing this short bit for this collection, I fell in love with the concept so much that it has developed a life — I mean, a series — of its own, and I am currently working on the first book about the Rogan brothers, who are the hot cops in “Handcuffs and G-strings.” And yes, each brother will get his own story, starting with Pierce — I couldn’t just leave him hanging.

Excerpt from “Handcuffs and G-strings”

I don’t know how long I stand here re-assessing my life decisions, when I’m startled out of my thoughts by the gorgeous “cop” dancer. Oh, Lord, he’s even more stunning up close with his full mouth and sapphire eyes and the uniform shirt he didn’t bother re-buttoning. And are those handcuffs real? I’d like to have them clamped around my wrists, chaining me to his bed while he—whoa, where did that come from? It really has been a long time, if I’m already fantasizing about a guy I haven’t officially met, yet.

“Yes, they are.” Well, that’s an odd opener. I give him a blank look. “The handcuffs,” he clarifies, sending a bolt of dread through me. Please don’t say I did, please don’t say I did. “You asked if they were real.” Of course, I did. “They are.”

“Good to know.”

Good to know. Really? What a brilliant conversationalist.

“Anything else you’d like to know before we do this?”

Okay, now I’m really stumped. “Do what?”

He gives me a cocky smile as he leans in to say in my ear, “I saw you watching me.” Of course, he did, My embarrassment wouldn’t be complete if he didn’t. “I was watching you, too.”

“Y-you were?”

“I was.”

“What now?”

“How about I show you what I can do with my cuffs?”


And I follow him as he leads me away. Without hesitation. Or even asking his name. I clear that up when we reach the privacy of a storage room. “I don’t even know your name.”



“Nice to meet you, Everly,” he murmurs, right before he cuffs me to some sort of rack, my arms over my head. I have no time to protest the move as his mouth dives for mine. And I’m gone. It’s a quick descent into mindless passion now. Oh, lord, he kisses like a god. He must have a similar thought as he says, “Fuck, you’re a goddess. I have to have you.”

“I don’t usually do this,” I whisper into his mouth. And when he gives me a that’s what everyone says look, I rush to clarify, “No, really. I don’t. I’m the stay at home with a good book kind of girl—not the one in the story that gets banged against the wall.” I flick a glance behind me at the metal fixture at my back. “Or whatever that is.”

“Full disclosure?” he murmurs into my neck, which he can’t stop kissing. “Neither do I. Do this kind of shit, I mean. I’m the guy at home with a beer and Game of Thrones on TV.”

“I find that hard to believe, given your profession.”

He gives me an odd look but doesn’t comment on that. Instead, he says, “Enough talking,” and dives for my mouth again.


For a chance to win a download of one of the previous Boys Behaving Badly anthologies, answer me this…

Have you ever been to a strip club? A male review or female?

9 thoughts on “Margay Leah Justice: Handcuffs and G-strings (Contest)

  1. Yes! Although . . . The first time, it was with the pool league. We were not a expecting the floor show that happened in the next room. Needless to say, we didn’t do well at pool that night. The next time was my daughter’s 21st birthday. It was just supposed to be her first legal drink. Imagine our surprise when the male, er, dancers started dancing. Interesting times, though not as interesting as the above experience sounds. *fans self* I look forward to reading your story. Thank you.

  2. Oo, Dana, was Thunder from Downunder worth the hype? I always wanted to go, but…

  3. Yes, with several other couples. It was a female strip club. Had a difficult time not roaring with laughter…..very young groom to be and his party provided such outlandish behavior that it was hard stifle my reactions to him/them.

  4. I have this anthology as an arc, and haven’t gotten to your book yet. Yes I went to see the chippendale guys at a country bar here where I live many years ago. It was really fun.

  5. I’ve been to a very low-rent male strip review and had a blast. Husbands and boyfriends played games in the back while their wives made fools of themselves. Complete fun. My dd had girlfriends take her to one on her birthday when she turned 18. What happened to her became the idea behind my short story “Johnny Blaze”–the birthday spanking, anyway!

    The winner of this contest is…Pat! Pat, congrats, and email me with the title of your choice of a Boys Behaving Badly anthology at!

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