Megan Ryder: Claiming Lyla (Contest — 4 Winners)

Megan Ryder: Claiming Lyla (Contest — 4 Winners)

UPDATE: The winners are…gift cards—FlChen1 and Buttonsmom2003; and a download of the anthology — DelaineMcLaffety and BN100!

Hi! I’m Megan Ryder, and thank you so much for checking me out here! I’m a newbie author to the Delilah Devlin collections (as a reader — I’ve read plenty). When I saw that she put a call out for “First Response” and “Bad Boys”, I was like GAME ON! Now, what to submit?

I mostly write contemporary romance but had been dipping my toes into the paranormal space with a series. I love writing strong heroines who know their own minds, can take care of themselves, but yet want that strong man to be their match. I don’t want that man to completely dominate but be a partner, and I decided to play with that idea in this story.

Lyla Chatham is a strong alpha female in a male-dominated shifter society that resents women who have a backbone. Her alpha offers her up to the male who can tame her. She’s determined to go down fighting even though she knows she won’t win, but she comes across a male who, not only respects her strength, but is willing to fight by her side and and respects her as an equal.

I hope you enjoy the story. Here’s a little snippet from the beginning of “Claiming Lyla” so you can meet her.


What types of heroines do you like in your romances? I’ll pick four winners – 2 will receive an electronic copy of the anthology on release day and 2 will receive a $5 gift card to Amazon.
Winners will be selected on June 26th!

Excerpt from “Claiming Lyla”

Lyla Chatham bent over from the stabbing pain in her side, pausing beside the ancient oak tree under whose branches she’d played as a cherished child of her father, the alpha of their pack. Senses heightened, she focused on the sounds around her—especially the running footsteps of the hunters who had spread out through the forest to pursue her. Her breath came in shuddering pants, and she strained to control the sounds, knowing every noise could give her away, could betray her weakness to those who would take that which she valued most.

Her freedom.

Despite the dark of night, she wasn’t lost, having grown up here, roamed and hunted, protected and safe, until her father passed a couple of years ago. Now, her brother had taken over the leadership of their pack, and everything had changed.

A howl came from somewhere behind her and slightly to the left. Then an answering one sounded on the right. They were herding her to capture her in order to claim her. To fuck her. She knew the forest but, in the darkness, and with her own pack against her, there was no sanctuary. The city might offer protection for a while, muddy her scent, but it was miles away, and the chance of her making it that far was a long shot.

Because she didn’t have just one alpha chasing her. Her brother had offered her up to five, with the winner claiming her as mate, provided he kept her silent about her brother’s illegal actions.

9 thoughts on “Megan Ryder: Claiming Lyla (Contest — 4 Winners)

  1. I like a woman who can stand up for herself and still give her alpha all that he wants and needs. She can love love him and put him on his knees at the same time. She is strong but resilient.

  2. I like a strong, sassy heroine. She may be submissive in the bedroom, but outside of it, look out. She knows her mind, what she wants, and isn’t afraid to go after it.

  3. I like a heroine who is intelligent, witty and strong within herself. A sense of humor too.

  4. I like a heroine who can work side by side with her hero. I already have pre-ordered the anthology! <3

  5. I like a heroine who can be partner. One with a sense of humor and wit is also nice.

  6. I love smart, generous heroines who are unafraid to speak their minds but are also wise enough to recognize when they might need help. (There’s such a thing as TOO independent 😉 ) I’ve already preordered this anthology–can’t wait, Megan!

  7. Read your short story. Loved it. I have to get into the series. Left me hanging but in a good way.

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