Do you love f*r*e*e stuff? (Contest & a Poll!)

Do you love f*r*e*e stuff? (Contest & a Poll!)

The winner is Eileen Airey!

Hey, do you love free stuff? Me, too! I look for BOGO deals and clip those coupons, too! If you’re always looking for a deal (not a steal!), pay attention here!

Over this summer, I’ll be doing a series of giveaways and contests on this and my DelilahDevlin website, as well as through my newsletter. Some of it will be free reads for all; some of it will be prize packages that I’ll mail with fun gifts, signed books, etc. How do you hear about these different deals? It does require you to sign up. I won’t be announcing every contest on each of these, so you do have to sign up for all three! So, today? Do these three things…

Do these three things!

1) Sign up for my newsletter HERE!

2) Subscribe via email to the Delilah Devlin’s Collections blog (see right-hand column)!

3) Subscribe via email to my Delilah Devlin blog HERE (see left-hand column)!

Easy right? And if you’re worried about your inbox exploding, I send out 1-4 newsletters every month. I rarely blog on the Collections site but plan to do so weekly during the summer to make those fun announcements. And I post daily to my blog—mostly posts from other authors. When I do post, be watching for those contests!!

What’s happening today?

Today, I’m going to a part of the Romance Readers Recommend Facebook party. The party kicks off at 2PM Central—I’m the first guest! EVERYONE GETS SOMETHING! So, don’t miss that hour! Or, if you do, that’s okay, because I usually let my giveaways stay open until the next day.

Also, I’m running a poll on the Collections website. A poll with a prize for playing! So, be sure to head on over!

The Poll



 For a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card, tell me which anthology theme excited you most?

17 thoughts on “Do you love f*r*e*e stuff? (Contest & a Poll!)

  1. Thanks for playing, y’all! Looks like the Stranded and Menage themes are the most popular ideas for future anthologies! I’ll get to work on those.

    The winner of the $5 Amazon gift card is Eileen Airey! Congrats! And email me at to arrange delivery!

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