Augustina Van Hoven: Prophesies

Augustina Van Hoven: Prophesies

My short story, “Prophesies”, combines two of my favorite things, a swashbuckling pirate and outer space.  I grew up watching Star Trek and Star Wars and reading authors like Robert A. Heinlein, Author C. Clarke, and Larry Niven.  Stories that take place in outer space fascinate me.  “Prophesies” takes place about one hundred years in the future in a different galaxy.  It introduces you to some of the people and creatures that populate the planets there.  It is a glimpse into the world I have created for my series, A New Frontier.  The prequel novella just came out, it’s titled The Last Christmas on Earth and the first full novel in the series, The Scattering of Seeds, will release in April.  I hope you enjoy this story and the others in Pirates: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology Book 3.

Excerpt from “Prophesies”

She stood in a small room.  A bed, end table, a dresser and one chair were the sum total of furnishings.  Vaedra shivered.  There were no decorations on the walls.  Someone had carelessly tossed a black leather belt with a holster on the end table and a pair of tall leather boots stood next to the chair.  The room was clearly a man’s sleeping quarters and gave no clue to the identity of its occupant.  

            A door closed behind her but before she could turn, a strong arm slid around her waist and pulled her against a man’s chest, a muscular well-formed chest.  A hand reached up and slid her hair aside exposing her ear.  The man leaned forward and nibbled her delicate ear lobe.  Her nerves tingled and she closed her eyes, basking in the arousing sensation.

            A smooth baritone voice whispered in her ear.  “We’ll reach Maltier station in about two hours.  There is a man there who will buy our cargo no questions asked.  We’ll pick up a few supplies and then we’ll move into the Orthern Alliance’s territory.  I want you to stay on the ship and not show yourself.  The Dome will have people searching for you and the bounty offered is quite tempting.  I can’t risk anyone seeing you.”

            He turned her around and she got a brief glimpse of his face before his lips claimed hers.

About the Author

Augustina Van Hoven was born in The Netherlands and currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two dogs and three cats.   She is an avid reader of romance, science fiction and fantasy.  When she’s not writing she likes to work in her garden or in the winter months crochet and knit on her knitting machines.
Twitter:  @augustinavhoven
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