Genevive Chamblee: Cargo

Genevive Chamblee: Cargo

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Today’s a very special day. On February 7, 2018, Pirates: Boys Behaving Badly Anthology #3 was released. I was fortunate enough to have my short story, “Cargo” featured in it. “Cargo” is a story about modern day, environmentalist pirates. Jasper is the sexy captain of the Fauna, which he sails with Ian, his brother and head engineer, and Gage, his cousin and navigator, along with the rest of his crew. The trio have been pirating the seas since their teens.

They are the commissioned Robin Hoods of the seas who rob the rich and well, keep it for themselves. But their intentions to do good is there. (What’s that saying about the pavement on the road to hell?) They attack only ships known to be harming or upsetting marine life. Their latest hire is to relieve the Sea Lily of her cargo. However, their latest commission takes them in an unexpected direction.

“Cargo” is just one of eighteen fabulous stories in Pirates: Boys Behaving Badly Anthology #3, and today’s post comes as part of a Blog Tour. This steamy anthology will burn your hands and is sure to keep you warm at night. Read the excerpt below!

I decided to write this story because I wanted to stretch my writing wings and explore. But I also wanted something a bit different from a traditional pirate story.

Five Fun Pirate Facts

  1. Most people are familiar with pirate ships flying a skull and crossbones flag. Many people may not know that this flag has a name: Jolly Roger. Some say the name comes from a mistranslation from the French term “joli rouge”, which means pretty read. During war, ships that would not be merciful and kill all captives flew a red flag or the joli rouge.
  2. In the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Captain Jack Sparrow loved his rum. This wasn’t too far from history. Grog was one of the preferred drinks of pirates. It consisted of water, lemon juice, sugar, and yes … rum.
  3. The black eye patches weren’t always due to having a missing eye. Some theories believed that pirates wore such patches to help focus when looking through the nautical handheld telescope (also called a spy glass) or to keep his vision adjusted to the darkness below deck.
  4. Pirates wore gold earrings to improve their vision, grant them good health, and ward off evil spirits. In today’s society, that seems farfetched. However, centuries ago, many pirates believed that piercing the skin with precious metals would bring them good fortune or health.
  5. Many people have heard the phrase of running like their hair was on fire. Not many people would actually take a lighter to their hair, but Blackbeard did. Well, not the hair on his head, but his beard. Often before taking a ship, he would weave hemp through his beard and set it ablaze. He’d also dress in solid black. Can you imagine the sight he must have been? Most thought he was the devil and surrendered right away.

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Excerpt from Genevive Chamblee’s “Cargo”

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An environmentalist-pirate, contracted to heist high-priced art from a merchant vessel, is deceived into stealing a human trafficking ship with a captive who exposes his dark desires

“Here’s the package, Captain,” a deckhand informed, forcefully pushing the noncompliant brunette into the captain’s cabin. A long, fresh gash on his cheek leaked blood.

“We don’t treat ladies that way.”

“Aye, Captain.” The deckhand muttered, swiping his wound with his forearm. “But she’s no lady.”

Jasper blew a breath that rounded his cheeks. “I asked you to bring the merchandise we were hired to retrieve.”

“She’s it. #6513135-14159185-ISBL. It’s on her collar.”

Collar? Fuck. His stomach took another dive. “Fine. Leave us.”

Nodding, the deckhand backed out of the cabin and shut the door.

Rolling her shoulders back, the brunette stood tall, regal, and indignant as Jasper studied her. Her muslin dress, inadequate for the weather conditions, clung to her shape and was nearly transparent, eliciting thoughts and physical responses Jasper had no business or time to have.

He knew if he was aroused, so must be his crew, who had been without female companionship for months.

“What’s your name?” he asked. After no response, he stood and circled her, wondering if her tongue had been clipped or if she understood English. “Look, I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Damn right, you’re not.”

Jasper blinked at the response. So confident. He liked the texture of her throaty voice. “You’re aboard my ship. You can at least tell me your name. Either that, or I’ll have to give you one.”

Her eyes twinkled in defiance. “What would you call me?”


Her brow raised. “Charlotte?”

“Why not? It’s appropriate.” He continued circling her. “You seem to be a web of trouble.”


“We have a conundrum.”

Her chin tilted upward. “How so?”

“You can’t stay on this ship; yet, I can’t let you go until I know exactly what’s going on here and what my crew and I should expect. Why were you and the other women being held on the Sea Lily?”

“Why do you think?”

“You being contrary isn’t productive, and quite frankly, it’s pissing me off.”

Her grin was unrepentant.

A knock on the door interrupted the conversation—to the degree that what they’d been having could be considered a conversation.

“Jasper,” Ian said, swinging open the door. “Carter’s on the horn.”

“Of course, he is.” Jasper observed the woman for any reaction at the mention of Carter’s name. Nothing. His cock tightened against his jeans at the silhouette of her nipples against the cloth. Internally, he gave himself a shake. How caddish to have his body reacting at a victim. “Inform him the Sea Lily is down and drop him. Scramble all signals.”

“Got it.”

“And scrounge up something for the women to wear.”

“On it.”

Jasper returned his attention to the woman with her stance defiant and intrepid. She didn’t act like a victim. Then again, how did victims behave? With discerning stares through long lashes and sultry pouts? The other women fidgeted and blinked away tears. They trembled at the slightest touch of a helping hand. One had scampered delirious into the fire of the explosion on the Sea Lily, and two dove into the icy water of the sea, choosing death over boarding the Fauna. Without survival suits and in the dark, his men hadn’t been able to save them. But the woman before him strolled as if along a beach and immune to the cold.

He tossed his coat at her. “Now, you and I are going to have a conversation, Charlotte.”

“No, Captain, we’re not.”

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