Tricia Schneider: To Kiss a Pirate

Tricia Schneider: To Kiss a Pirate

I grew up watching movies like Peter Pan, Treasure Island, Captain Blood, The Princess Bride and Blackbeard’s Ghost, which instilled a fascination and love of all things pirate. What could be more exciting than a swashbuckling hero, unafraid of living dangerously and sailing the high-seas facing incredible adventures? My imagination soars with possibilities whenever it comes to pirates, but Captain Hawk and Henrietta in “To Kiss a Pirate” were born from a dream I had of a woman disguised as a boy working aboard a ship. I hope you enjoy reading about roguish pirates as much as I do!


“To Kiss a Pirate” by Tricia Schneider

Searching for treasure on a lush Caribbean island, a woman disguising herself as a cabin boy is confronted by her sexy and suspicious pirate captain.


“With me, Henry,” Hawk spoke over his shoulder as he strode into the inner jungle of the island, nearly disappearing from view.

Henrietta hurried after him, hard pressed to keep pace with his long-legged stride. She was short, even for a woman, which made passing for a boy even easier. But her stubby limbs didn’t help her keep up with the captain’s fast pace. Even pausing to cut through the brush with his cutlass didn’t delay him.

Henrietta was determined not to fall behind. It wasn’t often the captain approved of her requests to debark the ship. More often, she was left behind to tend the ship.

Not that she minded. Pirating was a dangerous business, but one she had yearned for all her life.



The ability to take what she wanted, regardless of society’s strictures or demands. Life was too short to adhere to stringent rules. And Henrietta Copeland wanted to live. Truly live.

She breathed deep the pungent air of the island; a heady mixture of the promise of summer rain and the perfume of exotic wildflowers.

Despite her vow to stay focused on their mission, she couldn’t help but admire the scenery of the island.

“Henry,” Hawk chided when she paused after climbing a steep hill to take in the view of the ocean.

“It’s breathtaking, isn’t it?” She couldn’t tear her gaze from the sight of the mighty Angelique amidst a blue-black canvas of ocean and sky.

“Indeed, it is.” He paused beside her.

Sensing his penetrating gaze, she faced him. Her heartbeat leapt at the question flickering in the depths of his blue eyes.

He shook his head, as if dismissing the silent query. “But not as much as that chest of valuables my brother left behind before getting himself captured. Come along, Henry.”

Struggling to breathe beneath the weight of his intense stare, she broke away, brushing by him as she forced her feet to move, one in front of the other. “Is it much farther, Cap’n?” If Henrietta was to continue this subterfuge, she needed to squash her tender feelings for her captain. It was hardly seemly to blush with desire every time the man gazed at her with those amazing blue eyes.

“No,” he replied. “Not far at all.”

The crunch of sandy rock beneath boots indicated he’d fallen into step behind her.

They walked in silence along the barely visible path for a short time before the captain let out a shout of warning.

His fingertips brushed her arm at the same moment her feet flew out beneath her. Rope twisted around her ankles and hoisted her into the air. Her dagger and pistol fell to the ground as she hung upside down, swinging from a large tree limb.

Blood rushed to her head as she squinted at the captain who remained with his feet firmly planted on the ground, his arms crossed over his chest as he regarded her. “My apologies,” he said, his lips twitching. “I failed to mention the traps Ben set.”

“That would’ve been welcome news, sir.” Her shirt loosened from her waist, so she tucked the fabric into her breeches to keep from revealing her bound chest. The sight of that would raise unwanted questions, indeed.

“I’ll cut you down.” Hawk stepped out of view.”

Henrietta waited patiently, slowly spinning on the dangling rope. She felt a tug, and then gravity took hold, and she dropped.

Strong arms captured her, halting her descent. However, the speed of the impact caught the captain unawares and knocked him to the ground.

Henrietta landed on Hawk’s chest, her body splayed over his, her hips cradled between his widespread legs.

She gasped at the sudden, intimate contact. Raising her head, her gaze connected sharply with his.

Again, that unspoken question lit within his eyes. A question Henrietta hoped never to answer.

When her gaze dropped to his lips, however…so near, so kissable, she nearly forgot herself in the desire that sparked through her heated veins.

How often had she gone to sleep in her bunk dreaming about this man’s lips? So many nights, she’d imagined him holding her, touching her…kissing her.

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Tricia Schneider is a historical and paranormal romance author. Before the supernatural took possession of her pen, she worked in a bookstore as Assistant Manager and bookseller. Now she writes full-time while raising her 4 young children and 3 rescued cats. She lives with her musician-husband in Pennsylvania.

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