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I’m thrilled and honored to set sail aboard—Pirates, A Bad Boy Behaving Badly Anthology #3—with Delilah and all the other talented authors. These enchanting tales of romance and intrigue left port a week ago, and you won’t want to miss out on your chance to embark on this adventure with us.

Dive into the warm waters of my Timeless Quest series, where an eternal curse has dashed immortal J.L. to the depths of his soul, longing for the one treasure he yearns to discover again. Taking the name Jérôme Leveque, he set sail on the Caribbean Sea, desperate to escape, even for a moment, his desire for the only woman he can ever love—a mortal woman, also trapped by the curse, but unaware that her soul mate waits to find her. “The Corsair’s Tempest” is the fourth quest for J.L., a giant of a man, with sad, ancient eyes.

To celebrate the release of Pirates and “The Corsair’s Tempest”, I’m giving away two short tales: J.L.’s Medieval Christmas quest and Marshal Sam Kline’s Christmas mission. For one week, until March 10th, you can download Hawthorn and Mistletoe or The Kid in Black free from Instafreebie using the links below.

Centuries earlier, going by the name Jurian Locke, J.L. walked the road toward London to enter King Edward’s last tournament of the season. The year was 1328, and in a time when acts of valor and chivalry are rewarded, can a simple man-at-arms hope to gain enough favor to be deemed worthy of an Earl’s daughter, and the only woman he can ever love?

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Nell Grant lost everything and watched her life burn to the ground. A fiery-hot need for revenge keeps her moving during the day. But at night, dreams of a passionate stranger fill her empty heart. Passions collide as Nell and Sam struggle to balance the scales between her thirst for vengeance and his sense of duty.

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Excerpt from The Corsair’s Tempest

A French corsair, cursed with immortality, stands in open mutiny after rescuing his greatest treasure—the woman he’s bound to love for eternity, a Spanish siren unaware of their infinite bond

Her hands stilled, and her dark eyes looked up into his. “How did you know where to find me?”

“I heard you,” he whispered. “I did not lie.” He took her hand from his chest, kissed her palm, then touched her fingers to his forehead. “I heard you here.” He placed her hand over his heart. “And here.”

“I would have drowned…” She tipped back her head and licked her lips.

“I would never let that happen.” He bent, pausing for a moment, until she indicated her consent with the lowering of her lashes. His mouth covered hers.

The light touch of her nails scored a trail of fire up his chest. Her arms encircled his neck, and she pulled herself against him.

Jérôme clutched her tightly as he plundered the soft interior of her mouth with his tongue, sucking and teasing her lips as though she were air to a drowning man.

He turned them and walked backward to the bed.

Aleta clung to him as he moved, laughing between kisses.

When he fell on the bed, their kiss broke.

She studied him as she straddled his waist. “How long since you’ve been with a woman?”

“Since before you were born.”

“That long?” She raised a brow and chuckled as she untied the drawstring of his trousers. “You don’t appear to be that old to me.”

“I’m not as old as the sea, Tempest, but I am ancient, indeed.” His fingers fumbled with the wet knots of her corset. “We may have to cut these ties.”

“Cut them,” she demanded and lowered her head to taste his lips again.

Jérôme drew the short eating knife from his belt. “Be still while I set you free.”

She rose on her knees and lifted her hair with her arms. Thick and black, her long braid had come undone, leaving a tangled mass of wavy curls.

His sharp blade plucked the corset ties and loosened the garment.

Impatient with his progress, she drew the girdle over her head and tossed it across the cabin. Her laughter was soft and sensuous. She released her hair, and the tresses tumbled around her shoulders. Damp strands clung to her breasts.

“My tempest from the sea, with a siren’s call only I can hear.” He lifted the heavy globes in both hands and ran his thumb over her nipples.

About Author C. Marie Bowen

Discover nail-biting suspense with paranormal romance author C. Marie Bowen. She weaves her supernatural characters into a collection of tales linked to her first award-winning novel, Passage. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Mr. B, and their two rescue pets, Abby and Rue.

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  1. Oh, this story sounds really good. I love stories where the hero is ancient, but in a younger man’s body. This reminded me of the television series Highlander, that my husband and I used to watch years ago. Very titillating!

    1. Joyce, I hope you enjoy my immortal in his pirate debut. I remember watching Highlander too – what a great fantasy show that was.
      Be sure to pick up the giveaways! In Hawthorn and Mistletoe, my immortal finds himself at a medieval tournament.
      The Kid in Black is part of the Hunter Chronicles, although this Christmas tale features his sometime partner Marshal Sam Kline.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hello C. Marie. Nice Excerpt. I do want to set sail and read this book! I really have enjoyed all your other works including Passage and The Kid. Nice of you to giveaway Hawthorn and the Mistletoe it’s with J.L.– Love that timeless traveler. He’s in your novel Aubrielle’s Call too. I hope you plan to write more about him?? You’re a talented author and I’ll be anxiously awaiting more of your work.

  3. My comment did not load to this site. but I’m going to try this box.

    Nice of you to giveaway Hawthorn and the Mistletoe it’s with J.L.– Love that timeless traveler. He’s in your novel Aubrielle’s Call too. I hope you plan to write more about him?? You’re a talented author and I’ll be anxiously awaiting more of your work.

  4. Awesome pirate cover and It’s nice to have the Hawthorn and Mistletoe givaway. Also enjoyed your Novel, Aubriella’s Call. Your hot, ancient traveler is a cowboy in Passage too. Love following him through the ages. Can’t wait to download this story! Best wishes

    1. Hi Cindy,
      I’m honored to have someone follow my work, and enjoy my cursed immortal like you do. Yes, he has been a foreman on a cattle ranch in the late 1800’s. He wasn’t the main character initially, but you learn a little bit more about J.L. every time he whispers a new story in my ear.
      Thanks for commenting!
      ~C. Marie

  5. Great! Sorry about making 3 comments. I kept getting hung up. They wouldn’t post. Lol

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